Hopkins CRIBS: AMR I, Sylvester House, Room #309

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This year I’m living in AMR I in Sylvester House. AMR I has 6 houses (Royce, Sylvester, Vincent, Willard, Wilson, and Wood), all of which you can get to via the second and third floor. AMR I is the oldest dorm, and may be the most confusing – several people have compared getting around my dorm to getting around Hogwarts! We’ve got a number of common facilities (a common room, a multi purpose room, a kitchen, and a laundry room), and we have access to everything in the other freshman dorms. There’s a lot of security – there’s a security guard at the turnstiles to get in the courtyard 24/7, card access to enter the building, and locks on every door. AMR I is hall style living – we don’t have our own bathrooms, but we also aren’t responsible for cleaning them! The hall-style living is great as a freshman – you meet many more people, and it’s generally a social atmosphere!

Here’s a picture tour of my room, and the video is at the end!

Welcome to Sylvester 309!

Sylvester 309!

Note: these pictures were taken at the beginning of the year -- that’s why they don’t entirely match the video!

I’m currently living in a double, with my wonderful roommate Izzy. We’re on the third floor, which means we don’t actually have a full ceiling -- my room is right off the corner of the building, and we have the strangest ceiling I’ve seen in a dorm at Hopkins.

One of the beams -- this one starts about 3 feet off the ground.

That also means we only have one window -- here’s the view!

The view from 309

In the AMRs, everyone is provided with a bed (which can be lofted), a chest of drawers, a desk, a desk chair, and a moveable closet/armoire with two drawers on the bottom.

This is my half-lofted bed, with lots of storage underneath!

Dresser and Desk

Each desk has a light in the shelf thing on top, but my roommate and I both chose to get an extra desk lamp for $10 at Staples. Small lamps are a great investment -- the ceiling light isn’t amazing, and it’s helpful to just have a small light on when one roommate is sleeping.

My roommate and I also chose to rent a microfridge -- that’s the only way you’re legally allowed to have a microwave, refrigerator, and freezer in the AMRs.

Microfridge filled with food!

Here’s the video tour! Due to my seeming inability to operate the video camera, there’s not a video tour of the decorated door and the awesome lantern lights, but the rest is covered -- enjoy!

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