Hopkins Cribs: AMR 1, Wilson House, #114

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In my last blog post, I talked about my decision to live in the AMRs, but this week’s post is all about my room!

As I mentioned last week, I live in AMR 1 Wilson House and I absolutely love it.  In contrast to Wolman Hall and Buildings A and B, the AMRs, or Alumni Memorial Residences are a traditional dorm style living in which there are communal bathrooms on each hall.  The AMRs are broken into “houses,” which are made up of about 25 kids that share an RA.  At the beginning of the year, the RAs plan a lot of house bonding activities and some friendly competitions between houses, which help to create a pretty closely-knit group.  Wilson house has grown very close, and a lot of us are actually living on the same hall in Charles Commons next year!

my bed and posters

Anyway, I’m in a single on the first floor of Wilson House.  Getting a single was completely luck of the draw – before you enter your freshman year, you can state your preference for a double or single on the housing questionnaire as well as your preference for building, and it just so happened that I got my first choice for both!  Even though I’m sure having a roommate would have been a fun experience, my friends are constantly in my room anyway, so sometimes it actually feels like I live in a quadruple.

Each room in the AMRs comes with a chest of three drawers, a desk (with light), and a wardrobe with two drawers underneath.  I also brought from home two decent sized plastic drawers where I keep a lot of sweatshirts and sweatpants and bulkier clothes.  These drawers plus the three drawers that came with the room both fit under my half-lofted bed, which has created a lot of extra space in the room.

the cork board wall

I also highly recommend renting a Microfridge for your room.  Even though the rooms in the AMRs don’t have kitchenetters, there is a kitchen in the building that students can use, so it’s good to keep some basic ingredients in the refrigerator if you like to cook.  Next to the Microfridge I have a big rainbow light that I brought from home.  Even though the room has good ceiling lighting, I like having the extra light and would suggest bringing at least a bedside lamp.

the wardrobe

A couple other key things I’m really glad I brought from home are milk crates (great for storing shoes and extra towels), a fan because the AMRs don’t have air conditioning, lots of clothes hangers, a printer, and a small bookshelf so that my textbooks and notebooks aren’t overflowing everywhere.

Here’s a better look at my room:

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thanks! where do you get the milk crates?

I actually found them in my garage – they were all dirty, so my little sister told me she’d clean them if I drove her to Cold Stone. Haha

so out of other rooms yours seemed the best and especially
the window is the best, not many rooms have that? and is this building more nicer then other?