My Tidy but Tiny Double in AMR I

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Hi, everyone. It’s Greco.

Today I’m going to show you my room. I live in AMR I, Royce House. Each AMRbuilding is divided into different houses (although in the end, they are all connected) and this is where your RAs are assigned. Royce is the farthest left of the AMR building. My room is kind of divided into two parts by the closets in the middle that separates my side from my roommate’s.

My room is probably the smallest double ever, and I’m going to be honest. I’m not really enjoying my time in AMR. I mean, of course I’m thankful of all the amazing people I met and befriended in my house, but with AMR not being my first choice dorm, I’m not really happy with it. But living in AMR, especially my tiny double, I am learning how to use the space efficiently and make the most space out of this tiny room.

First, I fully lofted my bed to make space under the bed. I only had my bed half lofted for the first semester of my freshman year and as the time went by, I just could not find any space to fit all my clothes and stuff. So in the beginning of this semester, I lofted my bed so I could fit in my bookshelf, printer, and luggage bags under it.

I have tons of clothes and the dressers I get are not big enough to fit everything. So I bought stackable drawers and stacked them vertically beside my desk. I like having colors in my room so it is a pretty good addition. I store towels, socks, underwear, and some cleaning stuff in there.

I also have a hanger that is hooked on top of the door. As you can see in the photo, I just hang some hoodies and jeans. I have some stuff over my closet as well. I put my shower caddy and laundry utensils..

And my desk! Very messy, yes. That’s why I usually don’t study on my desk. I often just go to the library. I have a laptop stand that raises my MacBook Pro so I don’t get bad posture from using my laptop for too long.  I have awesome speakers on the sides. I love love love them.

My roommate bought a mini refrigerator that stores a decent amount of food. We didn’t rent microfridge (microwave + fridge) from the school since it’s a bit too expensive for us. Plus, we don’t really store that much of food in our fridge. And we can always use our neighbor’s microwave.

Ok that’s about it guys. My room is not that interesting and I can’t really think of  other things to talk about in my room. So… um you don’t gotta go home, but you gotta get the hell outta here (am I saying this right? O_o)

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