School Spirit

“LET’S GO HOP…. LET’S GO HOP”. JHU_Noah, JHU_Joseph and I screamed those words at the top of our lungs for several hours as Hopkins Men’s Soccer cruised to a 2-0 victory over Washington College (fun fact: WC means toilet in Italy #goHop) to clinch the regular season conference title.

JHU_Noah and I

JHU_Noah (left) and I at the soccer game showing our Hopkins spirit at Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Living in Italy was a crash course in soccer fandom. Coming to Hopkins, the flares, the cheers and the various screams yelled out loud were very reminiscent of the soccer fanaticism present back in my home country (check out the blog JHU_Noah wrote). An identical game actually occurred about one year ago from today, before I was a freshman at Hopkins- except for the fact that our victory was five points greater than it was today. We still won tonight, nevertheless, and dominated whilst at it. In fact, for those of you who are mathematically inclined, we got infinitely more points than the Washington College team (who did not make the playoffs and scored no points at all).

Due to our epic victory this year over the WC team, Hopkins is going to be the host of the Soccer Centennial Conference Tournament! This does not only mean that we are going to be hosting all of our fans here at our Homewood stadium, but it means all of the other teams in the tournament will be obliged to come visit us here at Homewood Field.

Whether you are someone who avidly supports the soccer team like I do, or someone who would much rather prefer cheering for the Lacrosse Team (Lax, if you must), there is something for you to do.

Hopkins Soccer!

Hopkins Soccer rules! Tonight, I even saw Admissions_Daniel at the soccer game cheering on our team!

Furthermore, one of the things I was worried about as an Italian student coming to Hopkins was that soccer would be a nonexistent sport on campus. This is now another myth that I have dispelled- although select students may lack traditional extremist spirit, if you want to have fun at a sports match, there will be a group of students here present with the exact same fun mentality as yourself.

What is my overall point of this blog? If you are worried about coming to JHU due to our supposed lack of school spirit, place that worry behind you. Our sports matches do not necessarily sell out, but our students will appreciate your cheering and the enthusiasm you generate no matter what grade you are in.

Ps: despite what JHU_Wafa may tell you, FC Inter is much better than Roma (#ItalianSoccer)!



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  1. I can’t breathe!!! Such a funny night! It’s great to have you by my side singing all the classy songs!
    #powc #youaintgotnohistory #imforeverblowingbubbles [#HOPKINS #clapclapclap] (3X)