We Are The Law

Yesterday marked my fourtysomething-th mock trial round, the first time I’ve had a contact fall out of my eye mid-step, and my 68th day away from home.  It was also the end of the first mock trial tournament of the year for the Hopkins team!  JHU_Kevin , JHU_Miranda, a bunch of my classmates, and I drove up to University Park, Pennsylvania on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday evening.  Over the course of those days, several things happened, things that I feel cannot be put into words, but only into the type of movie trailer one might see for a summer blockbuster.  We built a fort out of sheets, won some rounds, (Kevin and I ranked on every judge’s ballot as among the top witnesses and attorneys, respectively, and my friends Joe and Athie were ranked three out of four times) and, above all, had an awful lot of fun.

Here’s a video of one of our witnesses, Rob, explaining how an expert witness who claimed to attend Hopkins probably didn’t….or else has very poor school spirit.

Additionally, for the next couple of blogs I’m going to try to chronicle some very strange pet peeves that come with being a Hopkins student.  So for this week I have one:

1. I just hate it when a dictator steals out spotlight on CNN.

4 thoughts on “We Are The Law

  1. So this is kind of amazing. Love that I’m like starring in my own video, and got to convey how we all felt at the Hopkins imposter!

  2. Love this. You’re the best.
    By the way, I mentioned your name to a prospective debate star and his jaw dropped. Apparently you’re a pretty big deal in the national debate and mock trial circuits. I’d say he’s probably your number one fan, except that I’m your number one fan, so…

    p.s. prepare yourself for the second round of LSB(more) hazing…
    (just kidding, Daniel…haha)

  3. BEST VIDEO BLOG EVER. and I’m really glad that the socks made it into the movie! And I’m even more glad that you guys had a lot of fun and did so wonderfully (because you guys are wonderful) and I hope there’s a video like this of every tournament. YAYYY!

  4. I hereby concede in the race for best video blog. THIS IS AMAZING! best part in the whole movie was the hopkins socks being waved around to super dramatic music, I’m still laughing