New Semester Resolutions!

Your first semester of college is a lot of fun! My first semester was no exception. Looking back, I think that I handled the adjustment fairly well; however, there are definitely a few things that I’d like to do better next semester. Here are a few of my resolutions!

  • Eat the salad at the FFC. Let me preface this by saying that I hate vegetables and that I eat like a toddler. In college, this palate choice is somewhat unwise. You really do need your fruits and veggies to keep you going strong- especially when it’s late September and every freshman has contracted the same common cold! And there really isn’t an excuse for me not eating the salad at the FFC, they have a huge selection of veggies and dressings. Hopefully, I’ll overcome my aversion to salad next semester!
  • Go to office hours. I hate to say it, but I’m guilty of passing up my professors’ office hours. I really wish I had made the effort and time. I went to a very small high school, so that when I needed to meet with a teacher, I would just stay after class or run into them in the hallway. College is very different. If you want to make an A in the class, chances are, you need to establish a relationship with your professor. Meeting with your professor will allow you to identify your problem areas before the exams and figure out the material that you should focus on. I’m definitely going to schedule in office hours in the months to come!
  • Get homework done at least 2 days before the due date. In high school, I didn’t really run into problems when I would put off an assignment until the day before the due date. In college, putting off an assignment can have disastrous consequences. You never know whether that calculus problem set is going to take a measly 2 hours or a gruesome 10. It’s better to start the homework set the day you get it. That way you have a better idea of what you’re dealing with. It’ll also give you time to meet with your professor or TA if need be.

    lovely math homework

  • Do the extra credit. This goes along with meeting with your professor and finishing homework up early. I think that professors genuinely notice and appreciate the students that make the extra effort. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know from experience, but I’d like to give this a try next semester!
  • Go to sleep before 1am. I found that my sleeping habits got way out of control after the first few weeks of school. To be honest, it seemed like the norm to go to sleep at 2 and wake up around 10. I ran into problems with this mindset as my chemistry class was at 9am. Even though I’ve pushed back my spring semester schedule to start at 10am, I would like to become more productive in the mornings. Plus, being stuck in the library at 2am is almost never fun, I’d like to be done by midnight if at all possible!

    (My friend Carolyn shares my sleep issues)

    Did you know? Freshmen lack of sleep is a national problem!

  • Drink more water (and less diet pepsi). My addiction to diet coke has always been a problem. In college, my problem was exacerbated by the constant access to Diet Pepsi and constant need to stay up at night. Second semester, I’m looking to switch over to water and resort to coffee when I really need my caffeine fix. I’m actually dreading this resolution as I know that it will be my hardest habit to break!

    Did I mention that I'm also addicted to Red Bull?

 I hope this gave you a few ideas as to the bumps you might run into over the course of your first year at college. Transitioning from high school to college is sometimes a trying experience, so establishing good habits early on is pretty important! Wish me luck with my resolutions!

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