Twelve Days of Christmas: Vegas Style

Happy Boxing Day everyone!  This is that truly special time of the year where there is a holiday on your calendar that no one really knows how to celebrate or what the holiday itself actually means.  Are you supposed to give your servants presents in boxes and the day off for working on Christmas?  Do you go out and kill a wren?  Or do you just play video games all day long?

Christmas snuck up on me this year, mostly because I was so busy with finishing up my final papers/tests in classes and also because for the first time in four years I wasn’t sitting in a Spanish class where Christmas music was played constantly from the day after Halloween on.  I estimate I listened to Feliz Navidad about 100 times in the course of that class alone.  Does that count as torture under Geneva Conventions?

Antidote to Feliz Navidad overload: wear a penguin on your head.

Being back home has been interesting.  I got back to Vegas late Wednesday night, and woke up at 5:30 the next morning to visit my old broadcast media class because I hadn’t seen anyone there since the last day of school in May.  There was a moment the second after my alarm went off that I thought I was back in my senior year of high school: I immediately tried to remember if I had anything due for AP Chemistry, could not remember my opening statement for mock trial, and wondered if I’d be accepted into my first choice school in time to wear their sweatshirt when I got back from break.  Then, like Scrooge at the end of A Christmas Carol, I realized that the nightmare was over, there were no more applications to fill out, and I was going to spend the day visiting my old teachers, listening to people ask me how I liked going to John Hopkin, and hanging out with friends I hadn’t seen in months.  All my friends here are reporting the same thing.  Being back is very disconcerting at first because you’re so used to living on a college schedule and being on your own and now your parents are back to setting the schedule (but they also do laundry for me so I’m not complaining at all.)  I didn’t realize how independent I’d become at college until I was wrapping presents for my family and remembered that I’d bought these presents on a completely different side of the country.  With my own money.  That I’d earned myself.  Working an actual job.

People sometimes ask me what it’s like back in Vegas, where I live in relation to the Strip, what my friends and I do for fun, etc.  For those people, I present pictorial representation of the Twelve Days of Christmas: Vegas Holiday Style, although this is technically only the first day of Christmas because if it was the twelfth day I’d have left hay in my shoes for the camels of the three wise men to eat and in return they’d give me presents.  I can’t make this up.


On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me:

Twelve lords a-leaping

Sadly, unable to leap ever again....

Eleven pipers piping Hangover t-shirts selling

Ten ladies dancing

I think I'm leading this waltz.

Nine drummers drumming Pepsis pouring

Eight maids a-milking

There are no cows in Vegas, so here's milk next to all the deserts I made!

Seven swans winged horse statues a-swimming

"Go past the Pegasus inside Caesar's Palace and you'll find the FAO Schwartz." - half of my childhood directions.

Six geese dogs a-laying

My dogs Harry Potter and Teddy Lupin. No, my family doesn't like a certain book series at all.

Five gold rings stockings

Four colly birds Skyping friends

First group video Skype conversation since college!

Three French hens good friends

Two turtle doves

Best friend Liana and I compared with two turtle doves. Note the similar poses.

And a partridge in a pear tree bluejay on the back of a tee!



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