“Where is Hopkins Again?”

So you’ve applied to Hopkins, you’re thinking about applying to Hopkins, or you’ve been accepted to Hopkins already! (Congrats!) Regardless of your current status, you should know that when you tell people about Hopkins, there is a 50% likelihood that they will say, “That’s a great school! Where is Hopkins again?”. (Keep in mind that there is a direct correlation between that percentage and the farther south you go). I know that when I told my fellow Texans about Baltimore, I generally received a sort of vague look and an inquiry as to Baltimore’s relative location. If those reactions have you worried about Baltimore, don’t fret! Baltimore, also known as “Charm City”, is an awesome city with a bunch to offer for college students. Here are a few of my absolute favorite things about Baltimore!

  • Freshii: I know that I’ve talked about Freshii in previous blogs, but it’s for good reason! Freshii is a restaurant more on the healthy side with wraps, salads, and noodle bowls that you can customize with pretty much any kind of vegetable you can think of. They even have stamp cards for those that just can’t get enough! Plus, it’s within walking distance of campus and it’s near a bunch of other restaurants (Maxi’s Pizza, Ledo’s Pizza, Donna’s, Tamber’s, Chipotle, Marble Slab, Starbucks, Ruby Tuesday’s, Sandella’s, Subway, etc.). The Homewood campus is really in a prime location in terms of different restaurant options.

    My freshii card...almost there!

  • The Inner Harbor: This is probably one of the more iconic images of Baltimore, and it’s for good reason. The Inner Harbor has a multitude of shops, restaurants, and things to do. You can go dragon boating, browse for books in the enormous Barnes and Noble, grab a bite to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, watch the Dolphin Show at the Baltimore Aquarium, shop around at The Gallery, or catch a live performance at the Pier 6 Pavilion. It’s great to be near so much activity, and it’s also a nice place to take your friends and family when they visit. I’ve also found that it’s pretty convenient to get to the Inner Harbor from campus as the city bus schedule is relatively easy to figure out!

    Traveling to the Inner Harbor during Orientation Week!

  • In front of the aquarium!


    Barnes and Noble at the Inner Harbor. During the holidays, the Inner Harbor puts on a light show complete with holiday music and fireworks!

  • Fell’s Point: I’ve only been to Fell’s once, but I definitely want to go back! A lot of Hopkins students, along with Towson and Loyola students, go to Fell’s Point for Halloween for the bars and restaurants. Interestingly enough, Fell’s Point is also known as the “ghost city” and has regular Baltimore ghost tours around the area.

    Fell's Point during Halloween!

  • Towson Shopping Center: In my opinion, one of the nicest things about being in a larger city is the easy access to great shopping! The Towson Shopping Center is known for both its diverse and massive amount of  shopping. This especially comes in handy for those students that need to pick up a jacket or two as the winter months approach.
  • Running Trails: You would think that living in such an urban environment would result in a lack of greenery, or at least I did. Lucky for Hopkins students, the campus backs up to a pretty sizable forest, so that the campus loop trail is absolutely gorgeous, especially in the fall.
  • Location: Baltimore is probably in the best location in the entire Northeast. We are 45 minutes away from Washington D.C. (a $7 train ticket), about an hour away from Philadelphia, and about three hours away from New York City (a $20 bus ride!). To me, the location of Baltimore allows for the perfect Northeastern college experience in that you have easy access to so many major urban areas. It’s also a great place to be if you’re looking to intern in at the Capital as I actually know of several people who make the commute!
So get excited prospective students- Baltimore is a great city to live in and an even better “college town”!

One thought on ““Where is Hopkins Again?”

  1. Don’t miss out on Hampden and Federal Hill too. Thankfully you have 3+ years to continue to explore Baltimore.