A Day in the Life with JHU_Kaitlyn- Second Semester Edition!

College is great because there really isn’t a typical day. Every day is completely what you make of it, which is why I decided to microblog again! Hope you enjoy my typical Thursday!

7am Wake up! Thursdays are my early-bird days! After checking the weather, I quickly get dressed and ready in my “business casual” look for the morning to come!

It's going to be a beautiful day!

7:30am FFC Breakfast.Usually, I skip breakfast as my usual wake up time is around 10am, but Thursdays I definitely try to grab a bite to eat so I don’t die of hunger over the course of the morning. Plus, the chocolate muffins are worth waking up for! It’s also nice to get to the FFC early because there are literally no students up at this hour (besides the ROTC kids that have training at 5am most mornings).

Outside FFC at 7:30am!

7:55am Take JHMI to Clinic.This is always an interesting experience! The JHMI is free for Hopkins students to use and is almost always on time. Usually the bus is filled with adults commuting to work and a few students heading down to the medical campus, so I definitely feel safe using the public transportation. Here’s a link to the shuttle’s schedule and route map. It can literally take you anywhere if you map out a JHMI link to the Charm City Circulator (Baltimore’s free shuttle).

On my way to the JHMI stop- it's only a block away from campus!

8:15-10:07am Volunteer at Clinic. Fortunately, this semester I had the opportunity to become more involved with Salud, a group on campus dedicated to aiding the hispanic population in Baltimore with healthcare. I volunteer at the Baltimore City Health Clinic that screens for STD’s, so I translate for doctors and their hispanic patients. Today I mostly helped out with registering patients, filing records, and answering phones. I also translated for three different patients when they were filling out paperwork. Volunteering at the clinic is really a nice break from campus in that I get to see the real world once a week. It definitely helps put things into perspective, and I feel great about helping out the hard-working nurses and administrators at the clinic!

The Baltimore City Health Department Clinic

Salud is an on-campus group dedicated to helping the latino hispanic population with healthcare

10:09am Take JHMI back to Campus. This is always somewhat stressful as I want to get back to campus on time for class!

10:32am Run to Physics! The bus took a little longer today, forcing me to attempt to casually run across campus. Luckily, most people were in class by this time so I don’t think that I made a complete spectacle!  On a side note, there were already a few students sunbathing and relaxing on the beach when I ran by. I love springtime in Baltimore!

10:35am Arrive late to Physics II (eng) Class– Luckily I didn’t miss the CPS question! At Hopkins, a lot of the science classes (like chemistry, chemistry lab, biology, and physics) will have “clicker” questions in which we answer an in-class question through these remote “clickers” that record our answer. This is the professors’ way of taking attendance and it factors into your grade, so it’s super important to go to all of your classes! Today in physics, JHU_Nick and I learned about DC circuits. No matter what we’re studying, it’s pretty much always entertaining due to the uncontainable enthusiasm our professor has for physics!

Professor Broholm, our physics professor!

11:47am Go back to dorm. Unfortunately, I’m running a bit behind in that I haven’t finished my Differential Equations problem set for tomorrow! The dorm is usually pretty quiet around this time, so I’m able to crank out a few Laplace transformations before my next class.

1:30pm Physics lab with Macie, Stephen, and Logan. Are self-proclaimed “physics posse”, we all live on the third floor of AMR II and, and we’re all in physics together! Today are lab involved a circuit board in which we were measuring the current and voltage of different resistors. The goal of the lab was to prove Kirchhoff’s laws and Ohm’s law. We were also supposed to determine whether a light bulb followed Ohm’s law (we basically learned how light bulbs worked- whether with resistors in series or resistors in parallel). The lab actually turned out to be pretty fun until one lab group didn’t set up the in series resistors and current readings correctly. This resulted in a blown fuse and an unpleasant a burning smell! Overall, it was a pretty eventful lab!

Our circuit board when the resistors were in series.

Our physics TA, Can You (or as she likes to be called, Candice), showing us how to set up the lab!

4:20pm Get out of physics lab. The best thing about physics lab is definitely the lack of homework. Unlike other labs in which you’re required to write up lab reports over the weekend, in physics lab, you simply type up the lab report in class.

4:30-5:30pm Catch the second half of tennis practice. I love playing a DIII sport because I know that no matter what, academics come first. At Hopkins, the coaches understand when you have to take a lab or a class that conflicts with practice because they know that you value your GPA and academics over your sport.  This being said, practice was a lot of fun today! Again, the weather is awesome!!

6pm Chipotle Dinner. After practice, Kaitlin and I make a stop off at Chipotle to grab dinner. I have to say, being away from Texas has me really missing my tex-mex. While Chipotle certainly isn’t tex-mex, it’s still amazing in its own way, and it’s also a great break from the usual FFC dinner.

I love Chipotle!!!

6:45pm Go back to room to finish my math set and get some laundry done. All freshmen are required to be out of the dorms by 6pm tomorrow (because our Spring Break is next week!), so I really need to start packing!

10:00pm Finished math set, packing, and laundry. Now it’s time for a shower! Because I live in the AMR’s, our showers are communal, but I have to say that I really like the bathrooms! The custodial staff cleans the bathrooms at least twice a day if not more. Plus, I’ve never had to wait for a shower as there’s always one available!

10:30pm Go out! Because it’s the last night before spring break, a lot of students are going out (“going out” meaning going to some of the frats, parties in upperclassmen dorms, or to the local bars- PJ’s and Maxi’s). In college you quickly learn that Thursday night definitely considered part of the weekend!

That’s all for now! Hope you guys enjoyed my day as much as I did!

All the Best,


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