Oprah’s Favorite Things (JHU_Erica Edition)

Oprah has notoriously shared her favorite things with audiences around the globe each year on her show. Although I’m not Oprah, I don’t have a show, and I can’t give all my readers cars, I would like to share my favorite things about my Hopkins experience so far!

My favorite extracurricular: The Tutorial Project

The Tutorial Project is a tutoring program for inner-city Baltimore youth located in Levering Hall! I love tutoring twice a week because the kids are great, a lot of my friends also tutor, it’s fun to be a kid again, and it’s a great way to give back to the Baltimore community. The boy I’ve tutored for both semesters is hilarious and he always brightens my day.

Playing with paper lightsabers!

JHU_Kevin and my friend Peter also tutor!

My favorite memories:

Some of us in front of the Capital!

Just a fun night in the dorms at the beginning of the year!

A random night on the Gilman Quad with two of my favorite people :)

My favorite study spot: Gilman!

Gilman is absolutely beautiful; the natural light, cozy furniture, and variety of workspace make it my ideal study spot!

Outside of Gilman Hall!

The Atrium is stunning!

"The Hut" has so much natural light!

The perfect study area!

My favorite on-campus eatery: FFC!

The FFC is conveniently located just next door from my dorm!

at the FFC (freshman dining hall!)

My favorite off-campus eatery: One World Cafe!

One World is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly cafe with incredible homemade desserts, delicious breakfast options, and a wide selection for lunch and dinner. Most everything is homemade and healthy! It’s a great place to study and is conveniently located less than five minutes away from my dorm!

One World Cafe!

These are just some of my favorite things about my Hopkins experience so far! There’s so much more to see in Baltimore that I can’t wait to share with all of you!

All my Hopkins Love,


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  1. Great blog! also just for fun I ran a quick word count, there is approximately 1 exclamation point for every 16.5 words ahahaha you’re so enthusiastic and cute :)