Why Hopkins? Because I Go Here!

Hello all!

You’ve indubitably noticed the distinct increase of posts both on our student blogs and more poignantly on our Admitted Student Blog which seek to answer that age-old question of “Why Hopkins?”

Certainly, our academics are excellent. We have tons of different clubs, sports, and things to do around campus. The people are great, and come from around the world. The city is nice and its location is convenient. Research opportunities abound. These are all very, very good reasons to choose Hopkins.

I mean like a lot of colleges have pretty brick buildings. I would argue that we have the prettiest, but it's totally subjective! Well, except at sunset, of course.

But just about any college can boast about these things. Sure, on a lot of counts Hopkins is stronger in Academics/student life/research than University X, but that’s all measured on a really subjective scale. Colleges will all try to obfuscate and claim some sort of advantage in these departments until decisions for you are just a murky mess of rhetoric. But what is one thing that no other college in the entire world has? What thing sets Hopkins indisputably apart?

Me! I go here!

I mean, I’m really funny, smart, pretty, modest… the whole package! Just think – if you choose anywhere else in the world to go to college, you go there knowing that the chances of us meeting and being best friends for ever grow infinitely smaller. Think of the missed opportunities for us to chill on the beach, go to parties, and hold study sessions! Do you really want to live in a world devoid of JHU_Kevin? Frankly I don’t understand how the rest of the world does it.

But that’s like five sentences more than enough ego-stroking. There’s actually a second level to this post, something a little more real.

When I think about the negative stereotypes surrounding Hopkins, I should be miserable here. Really, I should hate this place! I’ll go into this with a little more detail in a moment, but seriously, the Humanities suburbanite who doesn’t like studying in libraries, doesn’t have a cutthroat bone in his body (okay, so maybe I’m not done ego-boosting) and wants a social life should be Hopkins’ rarest and most miserable variety of student.

So why is it that I’m so happy here? I actually really do love this school, so much so in fact that I volunteer my time to write these blogs for all of you! How can this be? Well, maybe all those critics are just plain wrong. So let’s take some of these on, using myself as a case study.

A Hopkins Pre-med Engineer.

1. We’re all Engineering and Pre-med Nerds. Okay well the only part of this that I fit is that I am, in fact, a gigantic nerd. I like to work, I get super-excited about what I’m learning in class, and I will swear by the amazingness that is Dr. Who until the day I die. As for the rest, that’s easy enough to refute. I am, as of a few days ago, an officially declared History major with a minor in French Cultural Studies! Both our History and French departments are some of the best in the nation, along with many other Humanities departments. Academics here are strong everywhere, and I will keep saying that until the day the whole world accepts it.

2. Everyone is Cutthroat. All right, first I’d like to start off by saying that never in my time here have I torn pages out of books or notebooks, fed peers wrong answers, or done anything mean like that. I’ve also never heard anyone say that happened to them. Full disclosure, I once borrowed a book out of the library and didn’t give it back for a really long time, which I guess could be construed as me trying to hoard it so nobody else could read it and absorb it’s knowledge, but that would be giving me way too much credit. I just lost it is all. Whoops!

3. It’s the weekend! Party in the Library! BYOBookwork! So there are two parts here that I would like to address. The first is that I personally never study in the library. A lot of kids do, a lot of kids do a lot of the time, but I know that I don’t, and there are many people like me. So if you’re like me and the library isn’t your scene, there are other places, I promise. Check out my review of the best campus areas to study!

Then, of course, there’s social life. So I don’t particularly love the frat party scene. I enjoy having fun and doing things with a bunch of my friends instead! I mean sometimes I go, there are students who go a lot more often than me, and students who go out a lot less. To tell you the truth there have been some nights on weekends where I was so swamped with work that I stayed in to finish it all, but we’re talking like 1-2 times a semester for me. Social life is what you make of it – social people do more social things than non-social people, it’s kind of inherently embedded in the definition.


4. You’re going to school in Baltimore? Prepare to get caught up in a gang war and die. I refer you to the hilarious GIF to the right. The Hopkins campus is incredibly safe, and I’ve always felt well protected while on it. With the surrounding area, the few blocks in each direction are safe and actually quite fun and prettyneighborhoods! Walking a bit further out, yeah, I don’t feel very safe, especially in the dark and whatever – Baltimore’s a city, what can you expect? That’s why I always walk with people and exercise common sense. I have not been mugged or killed, so I think my system works. And this is coming from the guy who lived in the middle of suburbia his whole life!

So why Hopkins? Because if I, the kind of person who apparently should hate Hopkins, can be so utterly, blissfully happy here, then really anybody can!

Also I set the featured image as that GIF because I laughed for like 3 minutes straight when I first saw it and also I thought it would be ironic when juxtaposed with such a self-confident-to-the-point-of-cocky title. See? I’m really funny! And smart!

4 thoughts on “Why Hopkins? Because I Go Here!

  1. I <3 you and your campaign strategies! (I’m assuming you’ll blog about that too?)

  2. YOU ARE THE WHOLE PACKAGE! this is why we’re getting married, of course. i’m also a nerd and slightly egotistical (jokesss), and i honestly wish i was that person in the GIF because i think it’s hilarious. let’s get engaged ASAP kthanks

  3. This is so utterly amazing. I completely agree with all of it, especially about Baltimore – it is such a great city and I already feel like it is my home away from home.