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August 23, 2017
by Kaylee Z.
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On Going Blonde, Self-Discovery, and New Beginnings

First, I want to address the blonde. It was a complete accident, and quite the tragedy at first. I went to my usual hairstylist, Jackie, who I had been trusting with my hair (and what feels like my life) for years. … Continue reading


July 10, 2017
by Kaylee Z.

On Self-Love (Even When You Aren’t Sure Who You Are)

Self-love was never something I felt like I actually needed to actively work on. I mean, I genuinely liked myself. Wasn’t that enough? When I got to Hopkins, I was filled with the utmost pride to be going to my … Continue reading

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June 15, 2017
by Katie D.
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Losing someone and trying to learn from it

I always expected summer break to be different. I pictured myself running through some magical, flowery field after being set free from finals. I expected to finally have the time to reconnect with friends after the long semester that made … Continue reading

2004 - McCoy Hall 1

April 12, 2017
by Jack G.
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Losing the Lottery

The above email found my inbox on March 30th. The week prior, all freshmen were buzzing about the sophomore housing lottery—would we get a good timeslot? Do we prefer the full apartments of Homewood/Bradford or the suites of Charles Commons? … Continue reading