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Social Sciences

Here are the pages written by students of the Social Sciences.

“Spanning the humanities and social sciences in a unique manner, anthropology has emerged as a discipline crucial to shaping critical engagement with … questions relating to ethics, politics, and life itself that exceed existing disciplinary boundaries.”
(department page: http://anthropology.jhu.edu/)

“In the Department of Economics, we strive to provide the highest level of graduate and undergraduate education while pursuing research on the frontier of applied microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and economic theory.”
(department page: http://www.econ.jhu.edu/)

Financial Economics – coming soon
“The minor in financial economics includes four required courses and two elective courses. The narrow objective of the minor is to provide students with training in the conceptual framework, guiding concepts, and technical tools of modern finance.  The broader goal is to provide insights into the large and the small—the macro and micro—of how this framework helps us understand the workings of the economy. On the micro side, the courses  integrate practical details of real-world financial markets and institutions. On the macro side, coursework will address how financial decisions affect and are affected by the broader economy.”
(department page: http://cfe.econ.jhu.edu/minor/)

International Studies
“Students develop an understanding of international political, economic and cultural questions in the context of thinking critically about processes of historical development in a comparative context.”
(department page: http://sites.jhu.edu/international/index.html)

Linguistics (minor)
“Cognitive science is the study of the human mind and brain, focusing on how the mind represents and manipulates knowledge and how mental representations and processes are realized in the brain.”
(department page: http://web.jhu.edu/cogsci/undergrad/linguistics.html)

Political Science
“The programs of the Political Science department are designed to help students attain a deeper understanding of politics in its various dimensions. The department encourages students to become sophisticated theoretically and to study politics in global and comparative perspective.”
(department page: http://politicalscience.jhu.edu/)

Psychological and Brain Sciences
“The undergraduate program in Psychological and Brain Sciences provides students with an overview of the major sub-disciplines of psychology and prepares them for advanced studies in psychology and related fields.”
(department page: http://pbs.jhu.edu/)

Public Health (Social Science option)
“Core disciplines include epidemiology, environmental health sciences, health policy and management, and biostatistics. These disciplines draw on a fundamental knowledge of biology, a basic familiarity with social sciences and an appreciation of socio-economic and cultural variance among different peoples.”
(department page: http://sites.jhu.edu/publichealth)

“The department is strong in the sociology of education, social structure and personality, family, social policy, cross-national research, sociology of development, race and gender, sociology of immigration, and world-systems studies.”
(department page: http://www.soc.jhu.edu/)