Cooking 4 Love

Group: Cooking 4 Love

Category: Center for Social Concern

Name: Emily Platz

Position: Co-President

Year: Class of 2011

About the group

The theme of “love-cooking” had its start with members of Royce house less than a decade ago in the Fall of 2003, and we continue their traditions today. Every week, Cooking 4 Love at JHU defines what it means to be a great service organization. In combining the simple joys of cooking with friends and service to the community, we reach out to those less fortunate in Baltimore. Instead of eating the food we prepare, we deliver and serve our hot meals to those who have rarely experienced that luxury. Here at C4L, we create smiles, warm hearts, and have a ball while doing it!

Each week (Friday 2:30 – 4:15) around 10 students can sign up to learn how to cook from a student chef and help in the preparation. No experience is needed to help since almost anyone can stir a pot of hot soup! Right after it’s prepared, we pack up the fresh, hot food, and about 4 of us drive to the local women’s shelter to serve (4:30 – 6:15). Transportation is always provided. Time commitment is flexible – sign-ups are on a week-by-week basis, and if you cannot help cook, you can go serve instead!

How can freshmen be involved?

Freshman can get involved by emailing and joining our mailing list. Each week, an email is sent out asking who is interested in cooking or serving that week. Simply respond to the email and then show up at the IFC on Friday for a great time!

Why did you choose to become involved?

I have been involved in Cooking 4 Love since the first week of my freshman year. I heard about the group at an activity fair, and since I love cooking, I knew the group would be a great fit. C4L is the first activity that I went to by myself and was pleased to see how welcoming everyone in the group was.

What have you gotten out of being part of this group?

Being a part of C4L has been the most rewarding experience I have had during my four years at Hopkins. I figure that I have provided over 4,000 meals to the women of Baltimore, and the experience has been a blast. Through my experiences I have learned how to better relate to people that have had different life experiences than I have, not to mention all the great cooking skills I have gained!