Bootup Baltimore

Group: Bootup Baltimore

Category of Group: Center for Social Concern



Name: Adam Gross

Position: Systems Administrator

About the group: Bootup Baltimore is a computer volunteering organization affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University and the Center for Social Concern.  We work in tandem with Baltimore public schools, providing free computers and computer instruction to students in need. Our members volunteer their time and expertise to repair recycled computers and train students in word processing, graphics design, hardware maintenance, web development, and other useful and marketable computer skills.

The group is responsible for two major programs: teaching and refurbishing.

The teachers work with 4th through 6th grade students at Barclay Elementary School.  We go over one day a week, for about 2 hours to teach them about various computer concepts such as: word processing, music editing, image editing, cd burning, and parts of a computer.  The teachers from Hopkins prepare, in advance, the lesson plans used each week.  Barclay students who complete the semester’s program receive their own full computer setup from Bootup Baltimore.

The refurbishers get to work hands-on with all of Bootup’s computers.  We receive most of our computers from Johns Hopkins IT Recycling and the National Cristina Foundation.  We then inspect the equipment to determine whether it can be repaired or should be broken down for parts.  Functioning systems are imaged and provided with a full suite of free and open source programs.  Bootup Baltimore then donates the computers to local schools, non-profits, and churches around Baltimore.

The refurbishers meet weekly in Bootup’s repair room located at the Center for Social Concern on N. Charles Street.

Can freshmen join? Of course!  We are always looking for enthusiastic members.  No extensive computer knowledge is required for any aspect of the club.  We will teach you all you need to know about the lesson plans and about hardware repair.