Jews In Greek Life (JiGL)

Group: Jews in Greek Life

Category of Group: Religious

Name: Jared Katz

Position: Social Chair

About the Group: Jews in Greek Life is a coalition of Jewish students from various fraternities and sororities at Hopkins. The group was originally founded in order to tap into the large non-religious Jewish population at JHU. We are an affiliate of Hopkins Hillel and work hard to include Jewish students who are less inclined to attend Hillel events. Our goal is to spread the word on how cool Jews are, and to see increased attendance at our many social and religious gatherings. We are comprised of nine members.

Shabbat Dinner

Events: Our major events last semester were Shabbat at Pike and Shabbat at AEPi. As an alternative to hosting Shabbat dinners at Hillel, we utilize our Greek connection to bring Judaism to Hopkins’ social climate. In addition, JiGL has become involved with the local community.  During our Shirts4Shirts charity drive, students traded in shirts for our new JiGL Hop T-shirts.

Freshmen: We are eagerly seeking your involvement with our organization! This coming semester we will be hosting several open meetings at Hillel, typically held on Mondays at 8 pm. Any interested students can contact me at