Epidemic Proportions

Name: Jae Kim
Year: Class of 2011
Hometown: Lewis Center, OH
Major: Neuroscience


Name: Natalie Draisin
Year: Class of 2010
Hometown: Closter, NJ
Major: Public Health Studies

I can still remember my first impression of Epidemic Proportions.


The staff. The quality of the journal. The discussions.

I had come to Hopkins with spectacular hopes for public health and however clichéd this may sound, I wanted to make a difference in the world. The problem: I was terribly intimidated by EP and its commitment to excellence. As a freshman, I had minimal exposure to journalism and experience with the process. Did I mention I was a freshman? But my doubts and worries quickly melted. At the first staff meeting, I saw first-hand the high level of respect among fellow staff members and their passionate dedication to this journal. Over the year, I gained an appreciation for the journal and learned quite a few things along the way.  Now, as a sophomore and current co-editor-in-chief, EP continues to be a major part of my Hopkins experience. (-Jae Kim, Class of 2011)

So, you’re probably thinking: what is EP exactly?

Epidemic Proportions is the Johns Hopkins undergraduate public health research journal, and one of the oldest in the country. It provides students with an outlet to publish their work, learn how to edit, and contribute to layout. Epidemic Proportions combines journalism with public health, and is comprised of a team of devoted, intelligent, and talented individuals who represent a variety of majors. Our audience includes students, professors, and faculty from not only Homewood campus, but also the Bloomberg School of Public Health and other Hopkins-affiliated institutions. We are widely revered and this journal is the face of JHU’s prestigious public health major.

The goal of EP is to capture the breadth and depth of the Hopkins public health experience. By highlighting valuable and interesting public health work of Hopkins undergraduates, we hope to inspire others to contribute to the vast field of public health. Our journal is composed of four main sections: research, perspectives, features, and editorials.

Research is a central component of our journal because we understand the importance of supporting our good intentions with solid evidence. We only publish Hopkins research because we are confident in the caliber of our undergraduates, who may very well solve tomorrow’s ailments.

The perspectives section showcases professors and faculty within the Hopkins community, who have taken giant steps in the field of public health. Through personal accounts and Q-and-A interviews, we hope to engage and encourage our Homewood campus to pursue research and fieldwork in public health.

The features section highlights the exciting experiences of our undergraduates, both locally and abroad in the form of research, volunteering, and internships. In previous years we have received features pieces from students who pursued tuberculosis research in Iran, interned at the World Health Organization (WHO), and volunteered at an eye clinic in the Philippines.

Last, but certainly not least, is our brilliant editorials section, which is written by staff members with strong opinions on current public health issues and controversies. We also welcome contributing authors who wish to publish their op-eds and share their voice with the Hopkins community.

At every meeting, we have food to fuel our staff members. Recently, we began having potluck dinners in the hopes of bringing  together our staff members and so far, the food has been amazing and it has become a new favorite tradition. At our first potluck, Dr. Goodyear (advisor for the public health major) and his wife, as well as Susan Vazakas (our editing advisor), joined us as we brainstormed for ideas. Our latest meeting, on Friday, February 27 was also a potluck dinner. We had a great time together and made a list of potential articles for the coming issue. Not only did we meet the quota we set for articles, but with the hard work of our devoted staff, we exceeded it! On April 23, we will have an EP family party to celebrate the completion of this issue. (-Natalie Draisin, Class of 2010)

There is an opportunity for everyone to be involved in Epidemic Proportions. Anyone, from any major and year, can join and there is no need to have seniority to be an editor. We have two editors-in-chief, a secretary, a treasurer, four section editors, about two to four assistant editors for each section, and a layout staff. However, we constantly revise the organization of the staff to streamline the production process.  Once the staff is established, interviews for new staff members will be advertised. If you are interested in joining, please e-mail us at ep@jhu.edu, and check us out at http://www.jhu.edu/~ep/. We hope to see YOUR FACE on our staff next year!