Hopkins Taekwondo

Name of Club:  Johns Hopkins Taekwondo

Website: www.jhu.edu/tclub

Email: hopkinsTKD@jhu.edu

Interested in becoming a black belt? Or maybe you just want to get a good workout? Either way, Johns Hopkins Taekwondo is perfect for you! We welcome people of all experience levels- from beginner to advanced.

Beginner classes are Monday and Wednesday evenings for one hour; intermediate and advanced belt classes are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings for one hour; and Fridays we have review and cardio for all belt levels for an hour and a half. Monday and Tuesday practices are in the ROTC building and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday practices are in the recreation center. During class we learn a myriad of martial arts material, which includes basic hand techniques and kicks, as well as specific belt color forms, kicking combinations, self-defense, and pre-arranged sparring moves.

Johns Hopkins Taekwondo President Alex Shtarkman breaking with a flying side kick during a belt test

Team is a subdivision of the club for those who want more practice and the ability to improve their technique faster. Each semester an endurance test is held for those who want to join team. Team also goes on training trips to our Grandmaster’s school in New York and to other martial arts academies.  In addition to training trips, the team competes in tournaments each semester in the divisions of forms and sparring.

Each semester there are two belt tests so one can move up the ranks pretty quickly. If you pass every belt test you will be a black belt in only three years!  Double testing (testing for two belts in one belt test) is also available for those who show they have mastered their current material.

Join and learn an amazing martial art with a great group of people!