Nu Rho Psi

Group: Nu Rho Psi

Category of Group: Special Interest

Year Founded: 1997

Name: Michal De-Medonsa

Position: MNF Chair

Do you have a brain? If you’re considering this question seriously perhaps philosophy is for you, if not, hurray, neuroscience is for you! Nu Rho Psi (get it?) is the Undergraduate Society for Neuroscience (the letters are capitalized because it’s important). We are a student-run group with faculty support and guidance. We have many events that range from volunteering to teach kids in inner-city schools about the brain to having lecturers come and teach us about the brain. Our aim is to nurture the intellectual and ethical strength of our members and generate a collaborative network for both the present and the future.


Although applications require that the student will be at least a sophomore, freshmen are always welcome to come to our events and help out wherever they can. We have neuroscience majors and also neuroscience-related majors (such as behavioral biology) or simply interested in neuroscience. We ask that our members commit 20 hours every year. With so many opportunities to get involved, the hours fly by like a fly flies by things.

Things we do:

We have a meeting every two weeks to update everyone on the events happening and opportunities to collect hours. We have an Undergraduate Research Symposium where students present a poster on the work they have been doing in a research lab.

We also enjoy Making Neuroscience Fun (let’s face it, on a scale of 1-fun, neuroscience is pretty much fantastic!). MNF is a volunteer-based part of NuRhoPsi. We go to schools in Baltimore and teach students, from the itsy bitsy pre-K kids up to the bright and sometimes bored 8th grades (of course, they’re never bored when we talk to them about brains!). It’s fantastic teaching this kids about the brain, and they enjoy it just as much!

Every year we also have Brain Awareness Week. People simply need to be more aware that they have a brain and how incredibly awesome it is! We have speakers from many distinguished universities come to us and give talks about our brains, and we have events on campus to educate the non-neuroscience majors about our squishy things in our skulls.

We also help out at the annual Maryland Brain Bee at the Maryland Science Center! Pretty much like a spelling bee, but you have to spell things about the brain (by spell I don’t mean spell, I mean know awesome things). We come up with questions to ask the students and we monitor the whole event! It’s so exciting to see how young people are so incredibly knowledgeable about the brain!

We also take part in the USA Science and Engineering Festival! We have a booth where we have a bunch of awesome things about neuroscience and then we have the kids construct neurons out of beads!

We have a social during the winter where faculty and staff can mingle and chat in a totally casual environment! We play games and we even have a competition to see who can stuff the most marshmallows into their mouth (I’m pretty sure that at some point, even if you win, you lose). We also have a social in the summer at our fearless leader’s (Dr. Gorman’s) abode! We come over and play games, swim, and eat food! Lots and lots of food!

We have a social during the winter!


There is always food!

Just so much food!


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Our Presidents: Andrew Hanna and Alex Murray

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Our Faculty Advisor: Dr. Linda K. Gorman

Happy thinking!