The Student Admissions Advisory Board

Group: The Student Admissions Advisory Board (SAAB)

Year Founded: 2005

Name: Kate Tschudi

Status: Co Vice-President

I signed up for SAAB on a whim. I had read the amazing blogs (see the cool rotating posts designed by a SAAB member), checked out some crib videos, and read the Insider’s Guide from back to front and thought it would be a cool group to join. I didn’t really think I would be accepted as I had no blogging experience. I also had a fear that they wouldn’t accept me because there already was a chemical engineering major with the name Cate in the group. However, for some crazy reason, they decided to accept me into SAAB and I have enjoyed being apart of this unique organization. So, what does SAAB do?


SAAB bloggers blog semi-monthly about their experiences at Hopkins. We are not given required topics to blog about, but can write about anything Hopkins-related. I really like the fact that can go to the Hopkins Interactive site and see a blog about different topics everyday. We also have a guest blog where non-SAAB members can write about their experiences at Hopkins, an academics blog with entries on every single major and minor, and a student activities blog (where you are right now) where you can learn about some of the unique and cool groups that Hopkins students participate in.


SAAB members who don’t  like blogging (or are great at tweeting) can be come twitterers and tweet all about their life at Hopkins. #socool

Our amazing Class of 2015 SAAB members!

Insider’s Guide

If you haven’t  seen the Insider’s Guide, check it out here: It has really everything you need to know about Hopkins from dining to student activities. Every year, it gets better and better. The coolest part is that it is made for students, by SAAB members. I can’t believe how talented the members of the Insider’s Guide team all are (because I can barely edit a picture in paint, let alone Photoshop).


The meetings are where we brainstorm ideas about new projects or even how to improve older projects. There’s always something interesting to be discussed.


Our videos are awesome. The admissions office employs videographers (both members of SAAB and non-members) to use really cool, nice cameras to make awesome videos. We have quite a bit of videos (85 to be exact- but I’m not bragging or anything) that run the gamut of topics (housing, dining, Baltimore, etc.)!

Open Houses

Signs for the Open House

So, why should you apply for SAAB?

1). You get to meet awesome people. Since we want to represent all the different people that come to Hopkins, the members of SAAB are all super unique. I like getting to meet people from all different years and backgrounds.

2). You get to document your 4 years at Hopkins. We write a blog every two weeks, so you’ll have lots of entries to look back on when you graduate.

3). You get to understand more about the admissions process.

4). It’s truly a unique experience. Where else do you get to work for the best(!!!!) social media college in the country? I feel really lucky that I am a part of this organization.

5). You get to help in the admissions process. It’s kind of a scary process for high school seniors to go through and you get to help them decide if Hopkins is the school for them. You get to answer students’ questions and bust untrue myths about Hopkins.

6). Free Chipotle! YAY

7). You get to be in a photo shoot! :) I’m not cool enough to be a model, but I still get to strut my stuff. :)

or maybe not...

8). You get to work with new social media and become a pro.

So definitely join SAAB- you won’t regret it.