Name: Saznin M.

Year: Class of 2012

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Organization: WJHU


My iPod is like another limb. It is literally attached to me all day, every day. I listen to music on my walks to class, on the bus to Bloomberg, in the library, while I cook, while I write papers (especially when I write papers, as it is a miserable business), before I go to bed… so pretty much all the time.

And I love sharing music just as much as I love listening to it. When I was in middle school and high school, my friends and I would make mixtapes for each other as gifts. When Facebook and Youtube started coming up in the world, I would bombard my friends’ walls and message inboxes with songs. Now I can just send them entire playlists over Spotify. Sharing music with friends has been a great hobby of mine, but I wanted to play DJ to a larger audience. That’s why I decided to get a radio show.

During my junior year, my friend Molly and I started SWiRL Radio on WJHU, Hopkins’ student-run internet radio station. Our first couple of shows were not without some struggle: we’d forget to turn the mics off, use the wrong knobs on the absurdly confusing control board, air five minutes of silence because we were too spacey to turn the speakers on, your general amateur fare. But once we got the hang of it (thanks to feedback from our loyal listeners), it became the highlight of our Sunday nights.

We mainly played songs we happened to like, but we began coming up with awesome theme shows, like International Night, Guilty Pleasures, and Awesome Covers. I knew we were doing a good job when our friends would text us throughout our shows and comment on how much they loved our song choices. Now half the fun is trying to figure out what theme we’ll choose next (‘90s Dance Party, anyone?).

WJHU has been a great way for me to share my love of music with my peers, and listening to some of the other student-run shows tells me I’m not alone. The radio station gives all of us free reign to play and say whatever we want, so we have complete freedom over our content. WJHU streams right on iTunes, and our DJs write music blogs on the website, so everyone has access to our station, JHU student or not. On that note, check out our website at http://www.wjhuradio.com and tune in to treat yourself to our amazing musical tastes. Happy listening!