Alpha Phi

Name: Catherine Rose

Year: Class of 2013

Hometown: Topsfield, MA

Major: History and Political Science

My Position: Former Director of Formal Recruitment and Current President

A Year in the Life of an Alpha Phi

Unlike a lot of Hopkins students, I knew I wanted to join a sorority when I got on campus.  My sister, three years older than me and a Hopkins student herself, joined a sorority her sophomore year and told me it was the best decision she ever made.  She was right.  Since joining Alpha Phi the spring semester of my sophomore year, I have met so many amazing women that I feel lucky to call my sisters.  To give you a better idea of what exactly we do, on top of our weekly meetings, I’ve put together a timeline showing you a year in the life of an Alpha Phi.

Fall Semester:

Casino Night:  Every fall during Greek Weekend, Alpha Phi puts on a Casino Night.  We all wear black and red dresses and invite the rest of the school to try their hand at all sorts of casino games.  It’s a lot of fun, but we also raise a lot of money for the Alpha Phi Foundation, which supports women’s heart health all over the country.

Spring Semester:

Recruitment:  Spring semester means recruitment!  Freshmen and Sophomore girls can sign up for recruitment during winter break and in the second week of classes, every sorority puts on three nights of parties to get to know them and to give them a chance to get to know each sorority.  By the end of the week, every sorority has their new member class.  As a new member, you learn a lot about the sorority itself and get to know all of the older members.  After a few weeks you get a big sister and join her Alpha Phi family.  A lot of people would say this is the most exciting part of the year!

Pancake Brunch: Last year we held our first pancake brunch, an all you can eat event to raise money for the Alpha Phi Foundation.

Red Dress Gala:  This year we’re looking to put on our first-ever red dress gala during Homecoming.  Many Alpha Phi chapters across the country hold these events, that raise money for the Alpha Phi Foundation through auctioning donated items from local businesses and raise awareness for women’s heart health.

All Year Long:

Date parties and formals:  Each year we have six date parties or formals, all at off campus venues around Baltimore.  This past fall our first date party was actually at Port Discovery, a children’s museum complete with an enormous jungle gym and we all dressed up as 90’s TV show characters.  Our second date party was at Professional Bull Riders, a cowboy bar, and appropriately, had a Western theme.  Our formal, held during the last week of the semester, was at the 1840’s Ballroom.  All of these events are a great opportunity to get dressed up, get off campus, and have a great time with sisters.

Sisterhood events:  In the fall we do a bunch of sisterhood events, both on and off campus.  We have weekly lunches at Levering, one of the dining halls on campus, mani/pedi nights, and movie nights.  Last semester we did a trip to a local farm to go apple picking, had our own Alpha Phi Thanksgiving, and even set up an event with Sephora to get discounted makeup!  In the past we’ve also done trips to a drive-in movie theater and an ice rink.

This may seem overwhelming, but Alpha Phi really only requires you to give as much time as you are able to.  Everyone puts their academics first and comes to as many events as they can.  There are a lot of opportunities to get involved, but every sister only has to be as involved as they want to be.  Being in Alpha Phi has been such a positive experience in my Hopkins career and I hope this gave you a better idea of what sorority life is like!