What! Johns Hopkins has a QUIDDITCH team? How does that work, do you fly, what is the snitch??????? JHU Quidditch is just as zany, fun, and sporty as you would expect. No experience is necessary, just come to any of our open practices, and we’ll put you right into the game!

Based on the wizarding sport of Quidditch from the Harry Potter Books, ‘muggle Quidditch’ is a very close imitation. As a fun combination of dodgeball, soccer, rugby, and tag, Quidditch has a position for every personality. If you hate running, but have good dexterity and throwing capacity, become a beater and force the enemy team back to their hoops. On the other hand, if high energy tom-foolery is your forte, then become a snitch and play pranks on both teams all game long. Or, if you just want to work as a team to move the ball across the field to score in a typical sport fashion, a chaser is the position for you. These are just a few of the many awesome positions on our team, and there is room for everyone.

You are probably wondering how we make Quidditch into a real life game. Well, to just touch on the basics, the rules of Quidditch require you to have a broom between your legs at all times. In the early days we have had a lot of people bring in Swifters, pipes, cardboards tubes, and even a shovel. Now, we have a few team brooms we are willing to lend people during practices in case you can’t find your own, but Swifters are still entertained.

Another rule is that the game is over when the Snitch is caught. In the Harry Potter books, the snitch is a little, golden, playful ball that flies on and off the field. To best simulate this, we choose a person to play the neutral role of the snitch. The snitch is not bound by most of the rules, and often uses this freedom to play pranks on the two opposing teams. We have had snitches hide the balls before the opening whistle, steal brooms of players, and occasionally fire a water gun at unsuspecting people. And the most important rule is that the snitch must always wear yellow.

Our Quidditch team has only been around for about two years; however we are nationally ranked, coming in 5th out of 24 in our division at the World Cup 2011 at Randall’s Island, NYC. We have some of the best snitches around right now, and perform well in tournaments such as the Brotherly Love Cup. While attendance to practices is never required, we do offer extra practices for people looking to play competitively or just trying to get in shape. Quidditch is a great way to exercise while having fun. For more information about the rules of Quidditch, or the World Cup, check out the International Quidditch Association (IQA) website at www.internationalquidditch.org.

In closing, Hopkins Quidditch is a great community, willing to welcome anyone. We are really informal, and usually end up just chatting at the end or beginning of any practice. We are also on good terms with our sister team from UMD, and have practice matches with them quite often either at Hopkins or over there. Come join the fun.