The Sirens

Sirens in Baltimore??

Most Hopkins students are accustomed to the constant sound of sirens wailing in the background of their lives. Much thanks to Union Memorial Hospital and dangerous Baltimorean activity. But I’m talking about a different kind of sirens here, the JHU Sirens, Hopkins’ only all girls a capella group, and, if I say so myself, a group of sexy young Hopkins ladies with “voices like angels” (a direct quote from a good friend of mine).

If there were two things that I would say all Sirens have in common they would be that we love to sing and we love to have fun.  So, at the beginning of each semester we go through an audition process open to Hopkins girls from all grades to find some girls who we feel embody the spirit of a true Siren. Our group currently consists of 18 lively beauties from all grades who get together three times a week for two hours at a time to sing some a capella!

During each rehearsal we learn songs arranged by our own members and sing them multiple times until we have them perfectly memorized with a full, blended sound. Our music director gives us feedback on the song and we build on that feedback to perfect our songs. As a freshman I was elected performance director, so I come up with choreography for each song and think of themes for our spring and fall concerts. After learning the music, I go back and teach all the girls choreography to spice up our performances!

I attended an all girls high school and participated in musical theater and really wanted a similar experience in college, so auditioning for Sirens was a given. I consider it one of the greatest choices I have made in my life, and I have a group of friends who I can always depend on and always have fun with.

You can hear the Sirens at Hopkins events throughout the year such as O-Show, Lighting of the Quads, and small concert series. We also perform off campus at other universities and private events. We love to hang out and perform with other Hopkins a capella groups such as the Allnighters, Octopodes, and Vocal Chords.

All of our performances are watchable on our Youtube page and you can find any other information on our webpage – . Enjoy our music anytime!