Club Field Hockey

When you go away to college, many people keep reminding you that this is the time to try new things; however, the advice that they should give you is to participate in clubs and activities that really interest you, and for me one of those activities was Club Field Hockey.

I had played varsity field hockey in high school and wanted to continue playing while at college. I figured that it would be a great way to meet girls who I had at least one thing in common with.  So at the Activities Fair in September, I found the Club Field Hockey table and put my name on the contact list!

The season starts at the end of September and ends before the Thanksgiving break. There are one or two practices a week that are usually scheduled around 7-830 on the weekends, which is the only time that the practice field is available.  This season we had three games and went to one tournament.  All of the games were fairly competitive, and at the tournament we had the chance to play against many of the teams that were going to the National Club Field Hockey Championships this year.  Unlike many of the teams we face that ask members to pay up to $300  in dues, the only fee we had to pay was $10 for socks.

Currently there are no tryouts to be on the team, and anyone is welcome to join (male/female, undergrads/graduate students).  Furthermore, all skill levels are welcomed to join.  The purpose of the club team is to give students the chance to play field hockey without the commitment of a varsity level team. If you are new to the sport, students are happy to help you learn the basic skills and make you feel comfortable with the game.  For more experienced players, the club team is a chance for you to keep your stick on the ball, but not an environment suited to really growing as a player.  Total membership of the team is somewhere between 20-30 people, but most of the time only about half show up for a practice or game. The team understands that there are other commitments such as school work, jobs, and other things that may come up or conflict.  It does make it difficult to have a productive practice though when there are only a few people there.

This year’s team captains really tried to make it a fun experience for all!  They invited everyone over to their apartment for a pizza party where we hung out, ate, and decorated ribbons for our hair.  They also threw an end of season party that involved cinnamon rolls and catching up before finals started.  One of the highlights of the season was going out to the restaurant Nacho Mama’s after our tournament. Everyone on the team is friendly, welcoming, and fun to be around.

So, if you want a fall semester with a little bit of field hockey while getting to know some amazing people look for the Club Field Hockey table at the Activities Fair or find the group on Facebook!