Hopkins Christian Fellowship

Student Organization Name: Hopkins Christian Fellowship

Category of Group: Religious

Your Name: Dominique Duval

Your Year: Class of 2012

Your Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Your Position: Freshman Coordinator

Hopkins Christian Fellowship (HCF) is my favorite group here, and most of my closest friends are in it. And no this blog won’t be preachy or anything, so no worries! We get a decent amount of questions about religious groups on campus so I thought I’d share my experience with one.

If you choose to be affiliated with a religion or faith, there are many groups at Hopkins to accommodate that. Since I am a Christian, when I came here, I naturally scouted out the groups…and to my chagrin I found that there were annoyingly a bajillion Christian groups on campus. HCF caught my eye specifically because there was free food.  And it was a non denominational group with no religious requirements whatsoever…and it’s all history from there. In addition to Christians, HCF has individuals who choose to identify themselves as atheist or agnostic. And people of other faiths are welcome to and have attended our meetings.

In the beginning of the year HCF has a week of free food events and info sessions to get students who may be interested more interested. We call it “New Student Outreach.” We also work with the Veritas Forum, which hosts theologists/Christian apologists. And we usually get a lotttttttttt of students to come out so that’s good.


This week, HCF is co hosting an event that will have a Biochemist and an Astronomer talking about Christianity as it relates to their studies.
I just love that HCF is such an open community, but with clear objectives and goals. It also really focuses on community outreach, so for those who aren’t so into the faith aspect of the group, there are a lot of community service events that are separate from the religious meetings. Additionally, we have this thing called “Spring Break Plunge” where those who don’t want to go home over spring break (or can’t) stay in Baltimore and live in a house in Southwest Baltimore, and do a different service project each day. There is a longer version of Spring Break Plunge that occurs during the summer, called the Baltimore Urban Program. And of course I can’t forget the retreats we have twice a year! They are beautiful opportunities to get off campus to go to a serene campsite in eastern Maryland.

We meet each Wednesday at a large group meeting, and there are several small Bible studies for those who wish to come. We have a President, vice president, prayer team, Bible study team, and events team (that puts on cool stuff like movies…yes normal movies like Star Wars and Batman, we’re not stiffs..and lots of other events ). My specific position deals with focusing on freshmen, and I love it because they remind me of the newness and excitement that came with being one. Their concerns were/are mine, and I was put into this position because of my experiences and my ability to communicate things. I love it!

So, like I said before, there are many religious groups on campus that will suit your needs…but HCF caught my eye in the beginning and I am definitely here to stay!