Vision Xchange

Why did I join Vision Xchange? Honestly, the name alone intrigued me. Because Hopkins has so many clubs and activities, when one name grabbed my attention, I decided to try it out. Luckily, it was a club with a purpose similar to those I belonged to in high school – fundraising. In the first VX meeting I attended, I found that the mission of the club was to send money to small, underprivileged, underdeveloped cities or villages. VX puts on a pageant show, called Hopkins’ Top Model, and the proceeds have gone to different organizations.

Immediately after I joined VX this year, we started planning the seventh annual Hopkins’ Top Model. I actually helped pick this year’s cause! In high school, I was Spanish Club president, and we gave a lot of money to an organization called Camino Seguro (Safe Passage). Camino Seguro helps to feed and educate the homeless living in and around the garbage dumps in Guatemala City. Five dollars buys a book for the program (Guatemala City does not have a public library); ten dollars buys a pair of shoes for a child; twenty five dollars buys a year of medical care for a child. As a club, all of the members of VX decided this was the perfect cause for this year’s fundraiser. For the next few months, we met weekly to discuss and plan details for Top Model. It all came together in late November 2011, and was a huge success. We raised almost sixteen hundred dollars!

I love being a part of Vision Xchange because it is a club that can use my skills to actually make a difference. I may not be great at athletics nor skilled enough to build houses nor talented enough to dance, but I can plan a great event. Additionally, each member of VX is intelligent, diverse, involved, and hilarious. While we got a lot of work done at our meetings, we had fun while doing it. Everyone was involved in at least one other organization, but VX is what brought us together. Joining the club was one of the best decisions I made since arriving at Hopkins – I never would have met many of these girls any other way nor would I have been able to say I helped be able to provide sixty-four kids with a year of medical care; one hundred and sixty kids with a pair of shoes; three hundred books for a library. The student activity scene at Hopkins is so diverse; anyone can find a cause in which he/she believes. And it’s still growing – if you can’t find a club you love, you can start one! Just remember to check out Vision Xchange at the next Student Activities fair.