Hopkins J Street U

Organization: Hopkins J Street U

Name: Rachel Cohen

Position: Founder and President

Year: 2014

Hometown: Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Area of Study: History and Sociology

During my freshman year of college, I was lucky enough to go on a Birthright trip to Israel with over 30 other awesome Hopkins students . The trip was not only fun but also life changing for me. I came home convinced I needed to learn more about Israel and the Middle East, and find a way to learn more about the country I was just introduced to. A few months later, Hopkins J Street U was founded.

Who We Are:

J Street U is the home for students interested in learning about and advocating for a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We do this to help ensure peace, security, democracy and social justice in the state of Israel and the future state of Palestine.

What We Do:

1.We seek to educate and learn about the situation in the Middle East. We host a wide range of speakers and perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and create a space where people can talk openly and ask tough questions. We also work as student activists to support leaders who believe in a two-state solution.

2. We believe that to be “Pro-Israel” does not mean assigning all the blame to the Palestinians. We know that for a conflict that has been going on for over sixty years, both sides have made serious transgressions and mistakes and will need to compromise to achieve peace. We seek to move past the polarization that typically exists around this issue, and discuss matters on a more nuanced and pragmatic level.

at the 2012 J Street National Conference in Washington DC

Is J Street U for you?

J Street U is a place for those interested in the future Israel, the Palestinian people, progressive causes, human rights, international affairs and foreign relations. Together we’re creating a real, and powerful student movement. There are chapters on over 35 college campuses, and dozens more are currently in the process of becoming formally established. 125 different colleges were represented at this past year’s National J Street Conference in Washington DC, and 650 student activists from across the country came out to support the cause. We definitely are open to new members, from freshmen to seniors.

How to Get Involved:
To get on our mailing list or to inquire more information—email either hopkinsjstreetu@gmail.com me at Rcohen35@jhu.edu .

This picture is from a Regional Assembly where over 80 college students gathered from 9 different schools met to learn and discuss the conflict together.