Vivaz Performing Arts Company

Vivaz poster from Student Activities Fair

VIVAZ Performing Arts Company explores Poetry, Dance, and Music influenced by the sights, sounds, and rhythms of the Caribbean, Africa, and the United States. The VIVAZ Performing Arts Company is currently comprised of the VIVAZ Singers and the VIVAZ Dancers; two groups that work to promote an infusion of Caribbean entertainment on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. VIVAZ Performing Arts Company strives to blend the vivacity of the Caribbean musical genres with the vibrant pulse of its African roots, and the swagger of American Hip Hop.

We invite FRESHMAN to be involved in our Singing group, Dance group, or BOTH! Dancers meet twice a week (Singers once) to create and perfect dance moves that we share with campus through the annual Culture Show (led by the Office of Multicultural Affairs), and other performance events throughout the school year. We also have our own events, such as our VIVAZ Showcase, Karaoke with VIVAZ Singers, and Dinner night with VIVAZ. We need people who not only love to perform, but also enrich Johns Hopkins with the culture of the Caribbean. IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE CARIBBEAN TO PARTICIPATE (we have members from America, Africa, the Caribbean, and Japan).

Vivaz Dance & Singing Members After Culture Show Performance (2009)

My name is Danielle, and I am currently President of VIVAZ Performing Arts Company. I have been a member of the organization for the passed three years and absolutely love it! Coming from Miami, Florida, I quickly began to miss the rich conglomerate of cultures that I grew to love. I am of Jamaican descent, and was searching for a way to teach the HOPKINS Community about my CULTURE. During my freshman year, I met and became friends with the founder of VIVAZ, who invited me to join the dance group. Although I joined because of personal ties, many of my group members joined because they like CARIBBEAN MUSIC or just wanted to learn more about the TROPICS.

I love this group, because not only do we get to PERFORM for our classmates, but also we become great friends. We have group get-togethers at least once a semester just to hang out, outside of practice and to better know each other. These are generally trips off campus or little parties in someone’s room where we just eat and talk.

Vivaz Dance Performing at Relay for Life (2010)

Being a member of VIVAZ has been a GREAT experience. As a Senior, when I look back at my four years at the Hop, this has DEFINITELY been one of my favorite experiences. I have learned so much about myself, as a leader, but also about my group mates as leaders, performers, members of other cultures, and all around a great people. VIVAZ has been the much-needed release from the hectic life filled with papers, Orgo tests, and lab reports— an opportunity to engage the Hopkins community with my friends is such a PLEASURE.

Vivaz Dance Member in Limbo Contest at MICA’s Caribbean Festival (Vivaz Gathering 2009)

Vivaz Dancers after Relay for Life Performance (2010)