Group: Foundations, an Undergraduate Journal in History

Category of Group: Publications and Journals

Year Founded: 2005

Name: Molly S.

Position: Editor-in-Chief

About the group: Foundations was started in 2005 by a group of history students who wanted to provide a forum for undergraduate students to publish their original academic research. We are an undergraduate journal affiliated with the Johns Hopkins history department. We publish volumes twice a year, each consisting of about three historical articles written by undergraduates around the world. To select and edit the articles that we publish, we have an Editorial Board that oversees all of the journal’s functions: soliciting submissions, editing and reviewing articles, designing and formatting each volume, and publicizing the results. The Editorial Board consists entirely of undergraduates at Hopkins and usually has ten to fifteen members that meet once a week. The primary duties of the Assistant Editors requires that each member work anywhere from two to six hours per week on Foundations, but the time commitment is generally flexible.

We are always happy for Freshmen to join our Editorial Board as Assistant Editors! We regularly recruit in history classes, on Today’s Announcements, and on our website (, but students of any major are encouraged to apply. Feel free to contact us with any questions at

Why I got involved: I decided to get involved with Foundations because it offered an opportunity to foster undergraduate research and collaboration, to obtain an active place in the larger historical community, and to become part of a close-knit, fun-loving, and intellectual group of students. From participating in Foundations, my understanding of historical research and the publishing process have increased exponentially. I have also met some of my best friends at Hopkins on the Editorial Board.

Foundations Editorial Board, 2010-2011