Multicultural Student Volunteers

Name: Vanessa Armendariz

Position: President


The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is looking to recruit and enroll students that will work towards increasing diversity on Hopkins’ campus. The Multicultural Student Volunteers (MSV) exists to aid the Admissions office in these goals. We are a group of undergraduate students who seek to bring more diversity and multiculturalism to the Johns Hopkins University. The MSV play an integral role in the recruitment of underrepresented students and students that are committed to succeeding in a multicultural environment.

Group Size: 50 Members

What We Do

– General Body Meetings 1-2 times per month

-Hopkins Overnight Multicultural Experience (H.O.M.E)

-Discovery Days

-Hold information sessions for multicultural students and local high schools.

-Campus tours for Multicultural Student groups

-Help local high school students with applying to college

Hopkins Overnight Multicultural Experience (H.O.M.E)

Every October, we plan and host this on-campus, overnight program designed for talented and high achieving high school seniors who are from underrepresented backgrounds. It is an opportunity to get a first-hand look at what life at Johns Hopkins is all about, inside and outside of the classroom. We specifically need help from undergraduate students with hosting the students, greeting at the airport and train station, serving on the student panels, and more! If you would like to make a lasting impact on the lives of prospective students, then this is the club for you!

Discovery Days

This program is similar to H.O.M.E , but the students that are selected to come and visit have already been accepted into JHU. Discovery Days takes place in April and it is a three day program. We take the students on a cruise in the Inner Harbor and we show them even more about what JHU has to offer! This experience is very memorable for many of the students and we rely on MSV members to help make a positive impact on the students.

What makes MSV different?

The members of MSV are very close and we are all like a family. After both of the major programs, many students stay in touch with their JHU hosts and they make lasting friendships. If they choose to matriculate into JHU, the students usually remember familiar faces. My experience at Discovery Days is the reason that I chose to come to JHU, so MSV is very dear to me.