Group: Adoremus

Category of Group: Performing Arts Groups

Year Founded: 1995

Name: Elisa N.

Position: Music Director

About the Group: Adoremus is JHU’s only Christian A Cappella group on campus. It was founded back in 1995 to spread God’s word through music with the diverse student body and our community. It is composed of a group of believers who all share a love for music and God. Through concerts and taking part in various activities in and out of school, we are able to praise and worship God through song. Without the use of instruments and using only our voices, we sing many types of songs by various artists such as Switchfoot, Starfield, Relient K, Tenth Avenue North, and Newsboys. We also sometimes take popular songs that are not considered Christian music and change the words to have a Christian theme to them. We practice two times a week as a group for three hours where we practice and learn the songs for the semester and have fellowship, bible study, and worship. We also meet many times during the semester to hang out and eat together! The group is made of various undergraduate and graduate students.

Events/Activities: Other than our practices, we take part in a variety of events and activities. We often take part in events that other clubs hold as guest performers throughout the year. AT the end of every semester, we hold our official concert where we perform the songs that we have learned through out that semester to our fellow friends and classmates. In addition, we take trips to New York, Boston, and much more to guest group at other Christian A Cappella group’s concerts or to take part in the annual conference where many east coast Christian a cappella groups gather to sing and worship together. This past semester, we held Jam More in Baltimore where we had over 10 groups from schools all over such as MIT, William and Mary, and Rutgers come to Hopkins and join us for a weekend of sharing music and fellowship.

In addition to all the singing we do, we often go to eat together and spend time together. Every year we have a retreat where we spend a weekend getting to know each other away from school. At the beginning of every semester, we take our newest members to eat at our favorite restaurant, Hibachi grill and buffet. We have a lot of fun together.

Why I got involved?: I got involved because of my love for music and God. Throughout my years in high school, I was very involved in music. I was a part of various choirs and a cappella groups. When I came to college, I knew I wanted to take part in an a cappella group. After going to the O-show, I immediately realized which group I wanted to audition for. Although all the a cappella groups sounded  great, I fell in love with Adoremus due to the fact that I wouldn’t only be singing but also using my talents to worship and praise God! Throughout the past three years of being in Adoremus, I have learned so much, have had so much fun, and met such great people who still to this day are always there and are watching out for me.

Can freshmen join?: Yes! Freshmen are encouraged to join! We love having freshmen in our group so that they can grow and sing with us during their life as a Hopkins Undergrad. We hold auditions at the beginning of every semester for new members. If you are at all interested in joining our group, send us an email at!