Group: Kranti

Category of Group: Performing Arts Organizations

Year Founded: 2003

Name: Preeta R.

Position: Former Co-President


About the group: Kranti was formed in 2003 by a few Indian students who were interested in representing South Asian music in the a cappella sphere. The word “Kranti” means “revolution,” so it follows that we’ve attempted to revolutionize South Asian music by not only making it a cappella but also mixing it with popular and contemporary English music. A common misconception about our group is that only South Asian students can partake. In the past we have had people of other ethnicities who are interested in the culture and music join our group and sing with us. The Kranti board consists of two co-presidents, a business manager, a performance manager, and a technical manager.

Events: Kranti partakes in many events throughout the year. In the fall, we are frequently invited to perform at various events such as the Orientation a cappella show, the parent’s show, and a few cultural events including an annual Diwali celebration which is the highest attended event on campus.

Yearly, we have also been invited to perform at a South Asian a cappella competition in California, but it’s difficult to raise the money to fly ~15 people to CA to compete. So instead, in 2009, we decided to host an annual showcase event in the spring. The event, “Humaari Awaaz” (meaning “our voices”) brings about 3-4 groups from colleges around the country to perform with us. It has been a huge success in the past, and we really enjoy coordinating such a large scale event.

Why I joined: When I came to Hopkins, a scared freshmen hailing from California, the only singing I had done was in the shower. I didn’t know how to read music, and the performance aspect of music had never really crossed my mind. During the Orientation a cappella show, I saw Kranti perform one of my favorite Hindi songs, and decided to, as my dad would say, “give it a good old college try.” Fitting, right? You’re supposed to try new things in college! That first week of freshmen year, you’re already so far out of your comfort zone that you might as well go for broke. So audition I did, and was thrilled to find I was accepted into the group. The rest, as they say, is history.

Why you should join: We love our newbies. We always want more. Kranti is really fun because you get to learn so much about music, better your singing capabilities, and make friends with some pretty cool people. Whether you have sang since you were three, or if you are like me and only have practice singing in your car or shower, we want you. Unless there’s a reason you only sing in private. In which case, we’ll have to think about it!