The District

Posted by Allysa D. | Posted on September 28, 2011

Because of my mother’s passing, I never really got to write about my summer. In the beginning of August, I finished up classes at Hopkins, nabbing A’s and B’s in micro, chem, and chem lab. I’m pretty glad I took those classes. It feels really nice to have them out of the way and I probably would have not done as well during the school year. I actually used to really dislike economics, but now, after taking micro, I’m really loving it. I had this awesome teacher who is a grad student and he was unbelievable. He’s one of the examples that show you how much the Hopkins faculty care. Whenever I had a question or two, I simply e-mailed him and he responded within a day with a page long response. He was so helpful and really wanted us to understand the material, and, even more so, be “inspired” by economics (as lame as that sounds, it worked). I am now considering minoring in economics depending if I am able to graduate on time. My mother’s death set back a couple of goals, but as they say, it’ll all work out in the end somehow.

A highlight of the summer was going to the District, or, commonly known as D.C. My brother’s girlfriend lives down there (she goes to Georgetown) so I decided to pay her a visit with my boyfriend. The great thing about Hopkins is that it is a 5 minute taxi cab (or a free shuttle ride) away from Penn Station. Penn Station is the perfect location – right in between Philadelphia and D.C. Speaking of which, I plan on going to Philly this weekend to see the Eagles vs. 49ers football game (go Birds!). Anyway, the MARC train from Penn Station to D.C. is just $7. That weekend also happened to be the huge heat wave of the summer. D.C. broke the record for peak heat index: 121 degrees! Nevertheless, we walked around the Mall and visited the monuments. We ended up only staying outside for about 45 minutes before we took shelter in the museums. We were absolutely drenched in sweat!

Washington Monument!

New Jersey represent

My favorite part of D.C. were certainly the museums. They were free (!!!) and had so many cool exhibits. We ended up only visiting the Smithsonian’s National History Museum and Natural History, but they were so huge that it took the entire day to see both! Another favorite of D.C. was M Street: tons of shopping. It was like paradise! My boyfriend and I spent one of the days just shopping and eating on M Street. Many of the stores and restaurants are very famous (like Georgetown Cupcake) and there’s a high chance you’ll bump into a celebrity.

Georgetown Cupcake (note the long line)

Out to dinner

I had so much fun in D.C. that my boyfriend and I are going back to the District (with all of our friends!) for Columbus Day weekend. JHU has no classes on Columbus Day, so it’ll be nice to go down to D.C. and have some downtime after the midterms. Stay tuned for another blog on the District!

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