Decision Day and the Counting Crows

Greetings from a cold / snowy / icy / rainy Baltimore – actually the weather is being quite indecisive right now. (Wow, that is strange – "Raining in Baltimore" by the Counting Crows just started playing on my iTunes.) As I promised in my last entry, I am back to provide you all with an update about how everything ended up with our largest Early Decision applicant pool ever.

First thing this morning, my colleague John Birney and I packed up my Jeep Cherokee with approximately 10 bins of mail and drove downtown to the main U.S. Postal Service depot in Baltimore. (We took pictures and I hope to post them soon.) Once the mail was out of our hands, it was time to send out the e-mails. Starting at 10:03a.m. (ET) and ending 17 minutes later, decision e-mails were sent to all Early Decision applicants who included an active e-mail address with their application. Though all of us in the office agree that sending decisions via e-mail loses the personal touch we strive for, we understand how anxious many of you are and we acquiesced to your demands for immediate notification. For all the details about the release of our decisions, click here.

Congratulations to the 478 admitted students and welcome to the Johns Hopkins Class of 2010. We are all excited for you and look forward to greeting you as new Blue Jays in the Fall of 2006. Take a look at a new addition to our message boards here: a discussion thread just for new members of the Class of 2010. Chat with your future classmates both the ones currently at Hopkins and your fellow admitted early decision applicants.

For those of you deferred, know that the road does not end here. In the coming week we will post some very useful information regarding deferment and what you can do between now and the end of March. Check back on the Hopkins Insider blog and Message Boards for this information.

Since I have received a number of questions about the statistics behind Early Decision, let me share some interesting facts for you:

  • A record applicant pool of 1,004 – a 39% increase in applications over last year.
  • Though we admitted 99 more students this year, our acceptance rate fell to 48%. The quality of the applicant pool remained stellar yet again.
  • 67% of the admits are in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and 33% are in the Whiting School of Engineering.
  • 44% of admitted students are women. In fact, of students admitted to the Biomedical Engineering program, 49% were women.

Now some trivia for all of you to answer — use the comments section for your answers and I will provide the correct answers in my next entry:

  1. What were the most popular home states for admitted students?
  2. Which state doubled its number of admits from 23 to 46?
  3. How many countries are represented in our admitted class (this includes where students attend school, not their citizenship)?
  4. How many different high schools do our 478 students come from?

Appropriately, while composing this entry not only did my iTunes select to play "Raining in Baltimore" it also chose "A Long December" (which it has already been) and "Holiday in Spain" (which the entire Admissions staff needs) both by the Counting Crows. "C’mon C’mon" is now playing by The Von Bondies and this is exactly what my co-workers are saying as we have a Holiday Party to get to in the Alumni House.

Until next time…

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  1. You say that all the emails were set, but I am aware that several ED applicants have not heard any word in regards to their application status. Is it possible that some were missed?

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