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Greetings from the Courtyard Marriott in Woburn, Massachusetts — Admissions_Daniel here blogging from the road. As the calendar turns to May, the "gears" in the world of admissions make a sudden shift. No longer is the Class of 2010 our chief concern, instead we have begun to focus on the Classes of 2011, 2012, and beyond (wow, that sounds so futuristic). That previous statement is not 100% accurate though, the Class of 2010 remains central to our thoughts as we count our deposits and see if we have made the magical number of 1160. See May 1st was a postmark date, so there won’t be news on that front for a a week or so as we continue to receive and process our mail. But for all intent and purpose, high school juniors and sophomores, known to us as prospective students, have become the priority.

Since the Hopkins Insider blog launched in December the focus has been primarily be on the Class of 2010. We have written about questions regarding the application, discussed the application review timeline and process, provided detail information about the release of decisions, and ultimately delved into getting a view of life at Hopkins for the admitted students. You all have been given an inside perspective on two of three main roles of Admissions counselors, file review and conversion.

But there is something much more – RECRUITMENT. The world of college admissions is quite cyclical, beginning at the stage of recruitment (typically the spring of a student’s junior year) and ending the day a student enrolls at their college choice. Just as one cycle is ending, the other begins in earnest. As we are entertaining admitted seniors on-campus, we are also welcoming prospective juniors in droves during school spring breaks. Once again that phrase "no rest for the weary" rings true.

However, this constant change of roles for an admissions counselors is what keeps us going and what renews our passion for our profession each spring. You don’t enter the field of college admissions for the glory, the money, the easy work schedule. Instead, you commit to the field because of your sincere interest in higher education and your love of the cyclical nature of the job, introducing you to a new crop of students each year.

So to mark this occasion, the Hopkins Insider blog will be trying something new this week. Each day I will update with tales from the road, providing deep insight into the recruitment process and an inside perspective on the life of a college admissions counselor while on the road. I hope you all will find this series of entries informative, as I will not only detail what I am up to each day, but provide advice on going about the college search process while trying to make you laugh a bit.

Until tomorrow….

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4 thoughts on “On the Road with the Hopkins Insider

  1. haha wow a pang of jealousy just went through me when i read that the class of 2010 was not a “chief concern” anymore. :(
    but i think this is a great idea. it’s like the Gateskeepers book for JHU. Prospective students will find it very useful.

  2. Glad you like the series. The Gatekeepers definitely inspired this idea, but I also just like to journal while on the road so I thought I would share this time.

  3. Well, I am actually part of the class of 2011 and I must say that these blogs are AMAZING; they are really helping me figure out where I really want to attend… and for the record, it’s most DEFINITELY JHU
    Just wanted to give my appreciation :)

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