Open Houses, Frisbees, and Bunnies

Greetings once again. I have returned to Baltimore after a few days of  summer recruitment travel in New England, specifically Providence and Boston. The trip was great not only because I got to meet over a thousand students as they attend summer enrichment programs at Brown,Providence Harvard, and Phillips Academy, but more because my Mom actually took the trip with me. Good times, with the best moment having to be when we experienced for the first time our view from our hotel in Providence (see picture). Magnificent view!!! A close second would be seeing over 100 hundred extras for the new show on Showtime The Brotherhood crossing a street. The worst aspect – THE TRAFFIC!

About a week before my trip, July 8 to be exact, I also had the chance to meet with over a thousand people to discuss Johns Hopkins. This time though it wasn’t just me and my Mom, but all my colleagues and a lot of great student volunteers. The event was the first of our two summer Open Houses and the turnout was impressive. The rough estimates were close to 1100 visitors, which nearly doubles the attendance at our first summer Open House in 2005. If you were there, I hope you had an amazing visit and learned a lot about JHU. If you are already registered for the July 29 program, than I look forward to seeing you on-campus. If the summer Open Houses didn’t work for you, don’t fret — you can still attend one of our two fall Open House programs (here’s the RSVP form).

[[[Please note: Due to an exceptionally positive response to our July 29 Open House, we can no longer accept new reservations for that program. We already anticipate over 1100 visitors and unfortunately can not accommodate additional reservations.]]]

I’ve always enjoyed our summer Open Houses for a number of reasons: (1) the program is only a half day; (2) no suits nor ties!!!; (3) and I get to moderate one of the panels. Just kidding (sort of). Seriously though, the Open House is a perfect chance to get a glimpse of Hopkins. There are so many options nowadays on what kind of campus visit you can have, my preference still remains that if you are able to you visit during an Open House . At Hopkins we actually offer three different types of Open Houses, and I recommend them all.

First, we hold two Open Houses over the summer that are tailored to the prospective student getting their first glimpse at Hopkins. These half-day programs are perfect for those who want the “big picture” look at JHU. During the morning sessions you get to hear from and ask questions of faculty, academic advisors, staff from various student life offices, and current students. As morning becomes afternoon we finish the program with a very helpful Admissions and Financial Aid panel (helpful mainly because I moderate – wink, wink) and then a campus tour. In just four hours you get a comprehensive introduction to Johns Hopkins and we hope it will help you make that decision about whether or not our university fits what you are looking for.

In the Fall, we once again offer two Open House programs geared to the prospective student but things are a bit different. First, these are full-day programs held on a Saturday in October. Second, each program is related to specific areas of studies. Our October 21 program will be for students interested in our engineering and natural sciences majors while our October 28 program will be tailored to students interested in humanities and social sciences majors.

The major difference though is that visitors get the chance to not only learn about Hopkins in broad strokes, but actually obtain a full view of the campus, the academic programs, and what life is like as a Hopkins undergrad. Faculty from the academic departments are available to provide a true understanding of what makes the programs of study at Hopkins special. Academic advisors, career center professionals, representatives from study abroad programs, and pre-professional advisors are around to discuss the experiential side of learning at Hopkins. Staff from a variety of student life offices, including the housing and dining offices, campus security, and student accounts discuss the administrative side of life at Hopkins. Tons of current students are available to discuss what it is actually like to live and learn in Baltimore, and at the end of the day we hold a fair for the variety of student activities one can get involved in while a student. Oh yeah, and we feed you!!! If the summer event is an introduction, the fall events are a detailed depiction of what makes Johns Hopkins unique.

The final type of Open Houses we offer are our spring accepted student programs. These program are a ways away right now, but simply they are three full weekday programs throughout April for any admitted student. You’ll hear me to talk more about these programs next spring, as I did last spring (Our Deepest Congratulations!).

As I end my “promotion” of Open House programs, I thought I would share some pictures I took from the day. Enjoy them, and hope to see you all during an upcoming visit, possibly on July 29, or October 21 or 28.



*Nice shot of Shriver Hall and our Welcome sign.



*Here is the most important staff member during our Open Houses – Felina!!!


*Felina’s job besides looking cute, is to play Frisbee while all of our visitors arrive. She worked quite hard on the 8th.


*The auditorium in Shriver Hall quickly filled up in the morning.


*Here’s the boss, Director of Admissions, Dr. John Latting, getting the morning started.


*If Felina is the most valued employee during the day, our student volunteers are what make everything run so well. And check out those cool T-shirts!


P.S. My adventures with my new camera did not stop with just the Open House. I thought I would share a couple of pictures from my new hobby – photographing the BUNNIES OF HOPKINS! Yes, we seemingly have been invaded my rabbits and I have begun to keep a collection. Enjoy!Bunnies2_1


*These two are part of the “Fett clan” – Boba is on the bricks and Jango is on the grass. How cute?