On the Road Again

Greetings from Boston, Massachusetts. Actually, greetings from my hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn in Waltham, 20 minutes outside of Boston. It is late on Monday evening and I am about to enjoy some well-earned Boston sleep, but I thought before putting my head to pillow I should post a quick update. I am not actually sure what my motivation is for producing an update so late at night — it is either from the buzz I feel after a great night of television, or from the energy I have from a good day of recruitment travel, or just from the “awkward” New England Clam Chowder I had this evening. Hopefully it is not the later of the three or else I’m going to be up all night.

It wouldn’t be a real update to the Hopkins Insider blog if I didn’t briefly comment on TV and pop culture, so let’s get that out of the way first. In my humble opinion (a.k.a a 30+ year addiction to good and bad television), Monday nights are shaping up to be a solid night of programming. First you start with a dose of adrenaline with Fox’s Prison Break; follow that up with a mix of mystery, suspense and fantasy with NBC’s Heroes (not a total rip off X-men of the 4400 so far); and then finish your night off with the best new show on TV, NBC’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. (This Monday night was extra good as during commercials I got to enjoy in the celebration of the re-opening of the Superdome in New Orleans and a magical night for the Saints, their fans, and the city. Welcome back New Orleans, we are glad you are doing better!!!) All in all, Monday may become the best full night of TV competing strongly with Tuesday’s House/Standoff/L&O: SVU or Wednesday’s LOST/The Nine. I know a lot of you who read this don’t have time for TV, but it doesn’t hurt to take a night off from homework and/or college applications and enjoy some fiction. (By the way, the return of LOST is just 9 days away. Woo hoo!)

With that out of the way, now to some real news. As the title states, I am on the road again recruiting in New England. I just finished day one of a busy nine day trip through Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Johns Island. The trip is busier than usual as I have high school visits each morning and afternoon, and college fairs each night — so my blogging from the road will probably be limited to just this post. I do recommend though if you are new to this blog, that you take a look at my “Blogging From the Road” seven-part series from this past spring; CLICK HERE. I had a blast writing those entries, and I think they provide a snapshot of the life of an Admissions counselor while on the road.

Following my travels in New England, I will return to Baltimore for one day, check-in at the office, re-pack, and then head out to Pittsburgh, PA for a four day conference. I am really looking forward to this part of my trip as it is the National Conference for people in my profession, and every year is a must attend event. This year’s conference is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in years, as the world of College Admissions has definitely been in the news lately. Additionally, for the fifth time I will actually be participating in one of the sessions. I will be joining colleagues from MIT and Tufts on a session titled, “The Blog Revolution: Admission Officer Blogs.” Should be entertaining, and I know I will return from Pittsburgh with a number of stories, pictures (hopefully), and a whole list of future blog topics.

Well my energy level is draining a bit, so I am going to wrap-up this entry with a few bullet-point items:

  • I hope you all enjoyed my previous post about college rankings and my personal opinions. Just a few days after posting the entry, a friend of mine sent me a link to a new report that actually has some really interesting ideas about reforming college rankings. I am half way through the report, and does raise some interesting ideas for the future of rankings. Check it out here.
  • Not sure how much rankings will change in the next few years, but the realm of higher education has definitely been jolted the last few weeks with schools rethinking their Early Admission programs. First Harvard, then Princeton, and now UVA. Who will be next? It is a very interesting question — one I have been getting frequently in the last few weeks — and I promise in October I will post a full entry on this issue and specifically the Early Decision process at Hopkins. Stay tuned!!!
  • Looking for Hopkins news. Check out these recent stories: Astrophysicist wins 2006 Harvey prize; here. New Museums and Society Undergraduate program; here. Lasker Award (“American Noble”) awarded to Hopkins researcher; here.
  • New web site: Check out the new Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Web site: http://www.krieger.jhu.edu/.

Alright, my bed is calling my name now. I actually here it so I am thinking that Clam Chowder is really having an effect on me. Sorry for the lack of full update, but I will be back and better than ever with a lot of interesting entries following the National Conference. In the meantime, the student bloggers are back so check them out:

Laura, Esther, Julia, Michelle B., Stefanie, Michelle T., Rachel, and Phil

And oh yeah…

Hopkins_1IT’S COMING…

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5 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Hi Mr. Creasy,
    I did enjoy your post about college rankings. I used the Princeton Review’s college profiles some in my college search, but I didn’t use the U. S. News & World Report at all. The Princeton Review was somewhat helpful, in that it gives students’ opinions of the colleges, but I don’t necessarily trust the college lists: The Princeton Review puts Johns Hopkins as fourth on “Is it food?”, but I liked the food at Johns Hopkins’s pre-college program last year.
    I submitted my application to Johns Hopkins. Do I need to have a transcript for the classes I took at JHU’s pre-college program mailed to JHU admissions, or will admissions already have the transcript?

  2. Jake,
    Thanks for the comment. Though I know many people use the Princeton Review (as well as other “college guides”) during their college searches, you should make sure to be somewhat skeptical about all you read. Insider’s Guides do not update their information often, and additionally they base judgments about schools on comments from very few current students.
    As far as the food listing, that will change as we have made amazing changes to dining at Hopkins in just the past few months.
    Finally, as for your question, yes should request your Pre-College transcript be sent to the Admissions Office. We do not have such records unless a student asks for it to be included in their application. Contact the pre-college office and they should be able to help.

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