Captive Audiences

Greetings once again. A truly crazy weekend is coming to an end. In the last 48 hours more than 1300 people have heard me speak about Johns Hopkins University. I guess I am just that popular.

All kidding aside, there is a buzz about Johns Hopkins out there and it continues to be displayed to my colleagues and I on a daily basis. After record setting turn-outs for our summer Open House programs (see past entry), we all expected the Fall Open House programs to be a bit more relaxed. Boy, were we wrong. On Saturday, we welcomed about 900 (rough estimate) people to campus for our Engineering and Natural Sciences Open house. It was a great event (as usual) and I was in rare humor form. Those in attendance not only got their photo taken (you had to be there!) but they also got to hear about all the wonderful goings-on at Hopkins. And oh yeah, our visitors got to celebrate the opening of the new Bookstore. WOW!!! (See Open House pictures below — I’ll post some Charles Commons and bookstore photos soon). [Also, we’ve got one more Open House this coming weekend (October 28) — Humanities and Social Sciences Open House — click here for details.]

Now you must be wondering … if there was only ~900 people at the Open House, then why did Admissions_Daniel start this entry boasting about talking to over 1300 people in the last 48 hours. OK, honestly you were not wondering that, but I needed a segue.

Immediately following the Open House on Saturday, I got on I-95 North and drove 7+ hours to Boston. I would have arrived around midnight if not for a one hour back-up on the GW bridge. (Got to love those river crossings by NYC.) After a good night’s rest (not really), I headed to Manchester airport and picked up Amy, Shep, and Greg. Who are these people you ask? Well, they will be my fellow travelers for the next week throughout New England as we participate in a series of Group TravelRice University, Shep from Northwestern University, and Greg from the University of Virginia. programs. Amy is from

The four of us just returned from an event at Wellesley High School (located ~20 miles west of Boston). Typically, we will see about 100-150 people at one of these events. Not tonight — we packed the auditorium with between 400 and 500 people. What a night!!! What a weekend!!! Now it is time for bed, because I will be having breakfast at 7:30am with about 40 guidance counselors from Boston area schools. Now that is fun…







*Picture Captions (clockwise from top left):



  • People arriving for a busy day.
  • Another day of work for Felina
  • Esther, Jackie, Kate, and Ramy working the “Ask-a-Student” table
  • Tanmay, Jackie, and Roxi promoting Hopkins Interactive (or just trying to stay warm)
  • Jackie and Ramy mingling
  • Adam leading his tour
  • Roxi entertaining Blake
  • A poor picture of the crowd
  • Another poor (dark) picture of the Admissions panel
  • Roxi being Roxi

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