V-Day, Snow, Files, Committee Profiles Redux, Mason Hall, Contest Results, and a Special Conclusion

Lots to talk about, so let’s get right to it…

First, Happy Valentine’s Day. Or to those like me who are not a fan of this Hallmark holiday, Happy Wednesday or Happy February 14th. The only reason I mention V-day is to share a fabulous picture of my Valentine for this year — yup, you guessed it … my niece Lilly returns to the blog:


How to follow-up that picture? Well with another one.


Yes, today was an official SNOW DAY for the Homewood campus. A rare occurrence, but one I know the students enjoyed. (Just to be honest … this picture was not taken today but is a stock shot of an old snow day at Hopkins. I borrowed it from the JHU Wikipedia page here. I would have taken new photos but once again I forgot to charge my camera’s battery.)

While the students were out playing, I was “snowed” in by something other than ice and flakes (sorry for the bad pun):


FILES, FILES, FILES, and even more FILES. That is all I have been doing of late – 24/7. So many files to review, I had to even get Soze to start reading for us. We pay him with bones … for ever five files he reads he gets one treat. The only problem is he is really easy … his admit rate stands at 82% right now. I think I need to double-check his work, but first I have to clean the files of his slobber.

I did though take a break this evening from file review to catch up on some TV. What a week — an amazing 2 hours of 24 (I am scared of drills now) /// another great chapter in the Heroes saga (Sylar scares me too and Claire and Hiro remain my favorites) /// American Idol rolls on (I begin my vote campaign for Chris Sligh) /// House freaked me out with a 25 foot tapeworm /// if you are not watching Extras you are missing the best comedy on TV hands down (Ricky Gervais is a genius) /// and then there was LOST tonight … one word, Desmond! Thankfully, this great TV season has been my saving grace or else this application review season would be brutal.

Speaking of reading files, every year one of the questions I am asked is who actually evaluates all those files — who makes up this infamous Admissions committee? Well last year at around this time the Hopkins Insider did a series of entries introducing the members of the Admissions Committee. Since there are a lot of new readers of the blog who might not have gone through the archives, I though I’d share those profile entries once again. In reverse order from last year

2/17/06: Introducing the Admissions Committee X: John Latting; click here.

2/14/06: Introducing the Admissions Committee IX: Sherryl Fletcher; click here.

2/10/06: Introducing the Admissions Committee VIII: Rachel Jacobs; click here.

2/7/06: Introducing the Admissions Committee VII: Daniel Creasy; click here. (a.k.a. Admissions_Daniel — that’s me!!!)

1/31/06: Introducing the Admissions Committee V: Amy Brokl; click here.

1/24/06: Introducing the Admissions Committee III: John Birney; click here.

1/20/06: Introducing the Admissions Committee II: Jameel Freeman; click here.

1/17/06: Introducing the Admissions Committee I: Shannon Miller; click here.

For those paying attention, two entries from last year are missing: #VI – Stacy Hernandez and #IV – Erica Gould. Not a mistake on my part. The reason for their omission is that over the past year both have left the team for similar reasons, to spend more time with their young children and family. Happily, we have stayed in touch and Stacy even continues to help out part-time as an application reader.

With the departure of Stacy and Erica, we had the privilege of bringing on two extremely talented admissions counselor to join the Committee. Next week I will post staff profiles of the two newest members of the Admissions team at Hopkins: Mark Butt and Jeremiah Shepherd. And in the following week, I will also introduce you to two additional members of the team, former Hopkins students who have been hired as application readers. So stay tuned…

OK, back to the pictures:



Now that you have met the staff, I thought I would share some progress on what will be our new home come this fall. Yes, Mason Hall is standing and the Decker Quad project is moving forward. The first picture was taken last week and shows that the exterior is pretty much complete. The second picture shows the Italian marble that is being used to construct some of the unique attributes of the exterior. The final picture is just a refresher on what the building will look like in about 7 months.

One of the great aspects of our new building, will be new space to handle the ever growing applicant pool. Since my boss, Dr. Latting, shared the approximate number of applications for the class of 2011, I decided to bring the application count guessing contest to an end a bit earlier. But before we get to the total and the winner, let me highlight a few amazing facts mentioned in the News-Letter article:

  • The application pool is up once again!!! After a 23% increase just last year, another increase is spectacular. Even more impressive is the 65% increase in application in just the last five years. That number still boggles my mind.
  • Pay particular attention to paragraph #5 — though not mentioned by name, the success of Hopkins Interactive is linked to the application increase … yeah for the blogs, message boards, and other features.
  • Finally, make sure to read the final paragraph. A fantastic quote from Hopkins Interactive member Kate F. puts a perfect stamp on the end of all-around great news.

OK, drum roll please ……………………………..

To date, the application count for the Class of 2011 is …………….


(Just one note on this # … it is subject to change slightly as we continue to clean up records in our applicant database and correct possible duplicate errors. But for all intent and purpose, this is close to the final tally.)

So who won the contest? Drum roll again ………………….

With a guess of 14,898, congratulations to Lester Kao. Interesting to note is that Lester’s guess was the last one posted. I will also recognize both Nancy and Rob L who guessed 14,500 and 15,001 respectively – and posted their guesses before the News-Letter article was released. Thanks to every who commented with a guess. Some very interesting guesses all around.

And now the big conclusion!!!

I expect to be able to share some really cool news next week with you all that relates to the Hopkins Insider blog and Hopkins Interactive. I do not want to share too much now … but be sure to check back next week. But here is a hint:

JHU_Laura’s Home State + syn. for pillar

Speculate over that…until next time.

10 thoughts on “V-Day, Snow, Files, Committee Profiles Redux, Mason Hall, Contest Results, and a Special Conclusion

  1. ahaha~ i almost got it! i said 15,006. o well, congrats!
    wow.. snow day at JHU! i wish i’ll have one of those days when i go there lol

  2. hmm…I know just in my own school there are a lot more applicants. There was an article in the New York Times on Sunday about Yale and it mentioned its drop in applicants this year, I guess they all want to go to Hopkins…I don’t blame them.
    So, her homestate is Washington…
    Synonymous for pillar…tower, column…
    washington tower? I’m so confused.

  3. Wow 65% increase in five years! :) Isn’t it like almost twice the increase for ivy league schools?

  4. Yup..im sure its the washington post…Well done Grace… I guess i should have guessed higher O.o..Anyways congratulations to all those who were close and din’t quite guess accurately.

  5. haha sweet i was the closest!
    the decker quad seems to be coming together nicely – it’ll look fabulous when it opens this summer!
    can’t wait for your exciting news next week!
    have a great long weekend! :]

  6. It’s amazing that an Admissions officer has his own *public* blog! Technology really has its benefits. :)
    Well, I just wanted to comment on your impeccable taste in television! All of the shows you mentioned (besides Extras, which I guess I must check out!) are among my favorites!
    AI: Chris Sligh is a great singer and interesting person, and I will definitely be voting for him in the next few weeks!
    LOST: Desmond is my favorite character, so I thoroughly last weeks episode.
    24: Is on in just a few hours! I’m excited!
    I’ll be looking for that Washington Post article! I’m enjoying your blog.

  7. Also, I forgot to add…
    When you have some downtime while breaking from applications, you might want to check out The Fuselage (www.thefuselage.com). It’s a great LOST forum.

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