Decision Day Has Arrived – Live Blogging All Day

WE ARE DONE! Well, sort of…

The arduous five month application review process is complete and as of this morning (Wednesday, March 28) the 14,000+ decision notifications have been delivered to the Baltimore postal center. The e-mail decisions will start going out at 5:00 PM EDT — but please know it could take up to five hours for all the e-mails to be sent. Please refer to my March 12 entry for further information on how we release decisions. [We will not release decisions over the phone!]

As I did last year, I wanted to provide you all a look into the last 48 hours. But there is a new twist — I will be updating the blog throughout the day (live blogging?) with additions to the time line and pictures. So check back regularly throughout the day and next few days, with a ton of information about the release of decisions.


Tuesday, March 27

12:15 PM – Director of Admissions John Latting emerges from his office and declares that the class is sealed and all the letters are signed and ready to be stuffed. A loud ovation is heard throughout Garland Hall.

12:17 PM – After two minutes of celebrating, the sorting, stuffing, and sealing begins. Financial Aid takes over the basement file room to add their award packages, as the Operations team begins to go through one last roster check confirming final decisions.

5:00 PM – Chinese food arrives. The staff digs in.

5:01 PM – The beverages arrive. Staff washes down the food.

5:03 PM – The pizza arrives. The students volunteers celebrate.

5:03:30 PM – The pizza gone. The students are stuffed.

5:30 PM – The Operations team, counseling staff members, and a cadre of current student volunteers heads downstairs to stuff and seal all the admits packets.

6:20 PM – The affixing of postage commences.

7:32 PM – We are done. In record time! A process that took nearly 5 hours last year, took only two. Wow. The student volunteers, as always, were amazing.

8:02 PM – Uh oh. We need to sort some of the international mailings. Can you say finding a needle in a haystack.

8:31 PM – Actually it was not that difficult. Team work really does work.

9:05 PM – Admissions_Daniel heads home. Colleagues follow hoping for the first good night sleep in weeks.

10:54 PM – Just before heading to bed, Admissions_Daniel posts an update to the Hopkins Insider blog with a very auspicious final picture.



Stay tuned … more updates to follow … including the procession of mail bins and our visits to the postal centers …


I’m back and ready to take you through the tales of today – D-Day…

Wednesday, March 28

7:15 AM – Arrive to the office feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Hmmm … what is this strange sensation. Oh, I am relaxed!!!

~8:30 AM – The rest of the staff trickles in and we scan over all the bins of mail, excited about what lies ahead. Now we all wait for the arrival of Director Latting and the go-ahead to move the bins out.

9:45 AM – The procession begins. It takes four huge mail carts, a hand truck, and two trips to move all the bins to the waiting four SUVs. (Sorry Al Gore, no hybrid cars used to deliver our mail.)

9:48 AM – The loading of the cars begins. Many hands make quick work.

10:15 AM – The four SUVs driven by John, Jameel, Jeremiah and I depart for I-83. Three of the SUVs go south towards the Baltimore Postal Center, and one goes north to the Johns Hopkins postal center in Mount Washington.

11:00 AM – Less than 45 minutes later, the last admit packet and the last deny and wait list letters are handed over. Now the Class of 2011 is officially official – no more changes can be made.




Even more updates … and a few more photos to follow…


The live blogging continues … hope you all are enjoying the tales as you await the release of the e-mails. Back to the time line.

12:00 PM – PARTY TIME!!! Yes, the Admissions and Financial Aid teams joined for a bit of a celebration and a nice catered lunch. You can clearly see the stressed had washed away from us all, and we got to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate. Good food can always do that.

12:20 PM – Congratulations! Dean Conley and Director Latting extended their heartfelt thanks to every staff member. And then allowed us to leave early …. woooooo hoooooo.



One last update …

5:00 PM – The sending of the e-mails commences. This process will take some time.

5:01:30 PM – The questions have already begun. In response, here are some answers…

  • Why didn’t I get an email?: If an applicant does not receive an email it is because either there was no email provided with the application, the email provided no longer works, there is a spam filter blocking the message, or some error occurred causing a bounceback. We do not re-send emails, so in such situations the student must wait for the mail to arrive. We will not release decisions over the phone until Monday, April 2 and then only to the applicant, a parent or guardian, or the applicant’s high school guidance counselor. Decisions will only be released over the phone if the identity of the caller can be reasonably assured.
  • I applied to the BME program, did I get in?: Decisions about acceptance into the Biomedical Engineering (BME) major are departmental decisions and therefore we do not release such information through email or over the phone. All applicants who applied to the BME program will learn of their decision when they receive their acceptance package. Further details can be found by clicking here.
  • Did I receive a scholarships?: Scholarship award notifications are included in the acceptance package of those students awarded one of our merit awards. We do not release these decisions through email or over the phone.
  • I submitted an application for the Woodrow Wilson Research Fellowship; did I get it?: Once again these notifications are only released through the postal mail, not through email or over the phone.
  • What is my financial aid package?: Financial aid awards for those who completed an application will be included in the acceptance packet. You can also check your award by logging into your ISIS account. If you have any questions or need access to ISIS, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at or 410-516-8028.

We know there will be many, many, many more questions and we will have answers. Just not right at this moment.

For me the day is coming to an end. And I have two things to look forward to: LOST and my BED!!!Lost Bed_2


More posts will follow throughout the week, so stay tuned!


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  1. oh no>”< they r out…im the first to comment i guess…so worried…i really want to go to johns hopkins…hopefully i get in! im really worried now…its night time here…im in singapore…5 more hours till decisions through email arrives…im worried…

  2. i’m in germany… i’ll be hearing between 11 pm and 4 am local time. :(
    and yeah, this is my dream school… let me in please!

  3. OMGGGG!…wow ive been so excited and now im just so scared!!!…thanks daniel truly you’ve been such a great help! Good luck to all and hopefully tonight will be a good one!

  4. Regardless of how the decision goes for my son, I want to thank you Daniel for your caring and understanding during this process. My wife, son and I have sat through several Information Sessions, Open Houses and tours at the Homewood campus. It was very obvious that JHU is an intellectually stimulating place, a special place. If my son is one of those fortunate enough to be admitted, he’ll be absolutely thrilled (and surprised). If he is not admitted, well that’s life. He’ll move on and find his niche at another great school. But through it all, the way you and your staff have tried very hard to remember that this is a very trying experience for the applicants (and their families too)has impressed me. My sincerest thanks! Now, does my son get in or not? Only time will tell….

  5. Oh My Gosh.. It is here already.. When I found out that the decisions were mailed today.. My heart literally dropped to the floor. Like I am so nervous that I am about to scream and cry and I don’t know. Good luck to everyboby. I pray that Johns Hopkins see the kind of applicant I was and that I worked hard my years in school. Daniel thanks again for helping us get through the waiting period. Hopefully I will be admitted and be the Cinderella Story to Hopkins. Thanks and Good luck everybody.

  6. The staff likes Chinese food and the students prefer pizza? Something is wrong with this picture…
    In any event, our household is on tenterhooks waiting for the news. Congratulations on what sounds like it was another record year. Looking forward to the stats, a la your post of early April last year.

  7. Oh my god, I am freaking out. I really hope I get in. If not, at least I have my entire lacrosse team here to cheer me up. Good luck to everyone.

  8. I remember this day in December. It was one of the most memorable days I ever had in my life :] good luck to everyone btw.

  9. when I got home from chess club, after losing two games, I had no idea that an email would be waiting for me saying, Congratulations from JHU!! this definitely made my day!! Class of 2011!!

  10. I just heard, bad news here in Puerto Rico :(… wait listed…oh well, thanks Daniel for keeping us posted and all your hard work…

  11. Thank you for keeping us updated throughout the last few months. You don’t know how much it means for applicant, with the anxiety lifted away by your reassuring words. Keep posting and hopefully for years to come, you can help other applicants to Johns Hopkins. Best wishes and take care! You deserve your rest! Thanks! :D
    – Lester Kao

  12. Thanks for admitting me ladies and gentlemen of the Admissions committee. Now it’s my turn to put your college to the test.
    Just kidding, I seriously am thankful.

  13. I can’t believe I got in. I think the adcoms must have been drinking while they read my application. My essay was way off the wall and from another planet. My SAT scores were mediocre. I guess it goes to show that scores don’t mean everything and your essays can go a long way.
    Congrats to everyone!
    Hopkins 2011

  14. You guys have done an incredible job – we truly felt that we were participating in the process as well.

  15. My son got in! We were looking at your bedroom pictures and my younger son saw the Yoda and Darth Vader pictures. Do you really have those over your bed? Younger son also remembers the Yoda on your desk! That’s one of our households’ favorite toys.

  16. “The staff likes Chinese food and the students prefer pizza? Something is wrong with this picture…”
    Nothing is wrong with that picture.

  17. Hi my daughter’s been waitlisted to John Hopkins and I wanted to know what criteria JHU uses in order to determine if the waitlisted students get accepted or not.She has an excellent academic record, near perfect SAT scores, and several cultural achievements. It’s been her dream to do bioengineering in JHU for a very long time. However, she’s disappointed and mystified that she wasn’t accepted, is there something else that JHU places emphasis on for admissions?

  18. please Daniel could you post the statistics like you did for the early decision people….and I am still happy that I got in….

  19. Hey..
    I agree with Patrick..Could you please post the stats(overall, ED + RD). Btw, could you tell me if anybody from India got through in the RD ??

  20. Please could you tell me how many people from Nigeria Applied (ED + RD)
    and how many were accepted

  21. i have not gotten my admit package yet….well am all the way in Nigeria…. I hope its velcro let the ED’s

  22. wow.. so many ppl got in! yeah i remember how i felt when i got in during ED haha. congrats ppl and i really look 4ward 2 c’ing u guyz! and wow, u’ve worked so hard Mr. Creasy! u really deserve a good rest! haha. cheers every1.

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