The End is Near…

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. It is just about 6:00am EDT on Tuesday, March 27 and I am waking up from a night of restless sleep and a variety of psychotics dreams and creepy nightmares. My dedication to the process though was really tested last night when I decided to skip my commitment to Monday night television (Prison Break, 24, the Riches, and the Black Donnellys) and work through the evening instead. No worries, my trusty 2 TiVos caught all my show, and once letters are mailed I will have a stock-pile of episodes to catch up on.

Speaking of letters, we are getting very close. I know you applicants are getting very anxious and the best I can tell you is that we are working as fast as we can. Once it is officially determined when the letters will hit the mail and the emails will be sent, I promise to let you all know. If I were a betting man (which I am no longer because of this year of March Madness), I’d be putting my money down on Wednesday or Thursday — but that is no guarantee.

Before I share a few more photos, if you haven’t read it yet — go back to my March 12th entry where I answer all the questions you have about how decisions will be released — click here for the “What Time Is It” entry.


Photo Captions: (top row-left to right, then down to 2nd row left to right, etc.)

  • * “The Signature Process” – Our Director of Admissions, John Latting, will sign all the admit letters. Yes, his hand hurts at the end!!!
  • * “The last decisions” – Mark, John, and Shannon work in the file room on those last critical final decisions.
  • * “Waiting” – The admit packets just wait for the signed letters and the call that the class is complete and it is time to stuff and seal and send.
  • * “Good luck” – Lilly just wanted to say hi and wish you all the best of luck.
  • 6 thoughts on “The End is Near…

    1. YEAH!!!! they are finally coming….
      Am an international student fron Nigeria and I have been waiting for so long
      Goodluck with the work you have to do….
      what ever happens….happens

    2. I love how one of the pictures is edited to prevent people from getting a glimpse of “confidential information.” I still tried magnifying the image, but it was too blurry to see anything… :(

    3. THANK GOD. SEND THE EMAILS BEFORE YOU BLOG ABOUT IT. WOULD BE REAL COOL. Sorry about the capitalisation, just excited.

    4. Thanks for being here through this whole process! If I could give you a big hug right now, I would.

    5. I can’t wait! Thank you for keeping us updated on the whole process and answering all of our questions! You’re too awesome! :-D
      Have a great day! And get some shut-eye!

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