What time is it?

Greetings from the madness. That is my newly minted nickname for this time of year in the world of Hopkins Admissions. The initial reviews of this year’s 14,800+ applications are complete, but we are no where close from being DONE. Now the so-called “fun” begins … as we spend the next two and half weeks shaping and putting together the final class. Committee reviews have commenced and the arduous reviews of our reviews is are primary focus.

Evaluating 40+ applications day, 7 days a week, for nearly three months is quite overwhelming, but these next round of committee days are hard to explain. Let me take a stab at defining them though — how about excruciating, maddening, stimulating, distressing and formidable all wrap together. Just look at what it has done to Soze…


Actually I think what did this to Soze and what has added to the madness is this whole early Day Light Savings time change. On Sunday when I was in the office (yup, no rest for the weary) my watch, clock, computer clock, and phone clock all had different times. Though it is nice that daylight now stays with us longer after our clocks “sprang ahead” (especially on a warm day like today), the early change has definitely messed with my fragile sleep schedule and internal clock. And time is a truly precious thing right now … as the mail date looms.

Speaking of the mail date, for us it is the light at the end of the tunnel, but for many of you it is that moment you have been counting down since you clicked submit or stamped that envelope to Baltimore. As well, the subject of mail date is the source of one of the most frequently asked questions we address at this time of year. So I thought, as I do from time to time, I would create a FAQ list entry to answer the most pressing questions. Hope this helps!


When will decisions be released?

Though the exact date has not been finalized, we currently are targeting a mail date during the last week of March (between the 26th – 30th). As soon as we know an official mail date I will update the blog. (Do know though that last minute changes do occur and the official mail date is not official until the mail arrives at the Baltimore post office — just check the blog arrives from last March.)

How will decisions be released?

We will release decisions the same way we did for Early Decision. First, all the decision letters (admits, wait lists, and denies) must leave the Admissions Office and arrive at the Baltimore main postal center. Then we will follow-up later that day with email decisions to those applicants who provided a current and working email address with their application. Decisions will not be released over the phone until a week after the mail date. There is no way to determine at what time the emails will be sent. As well, please be aware we do not have an online system for checking application status.

What if my email or mailing address has changed?

Well, then you need to update us. Please send an email to apphelp@jhu.edu as soon as possible. Include your address update along with your full name, birth date, school, and old address.

I am wondering if my application is complete?

Applicants interested in checking if their application has been received and whether it is complete must call the Admissions Office at 410-516-8171. This information will only be discussed over the phone (not through email). Please note that our staff will only confirm if your application has been received and if any required application materials are missing. We are unable to confirm that supplemental materials or specific letters of recommendation have been processed. Rest assured that all applicants’ files are carefully checked for completion. We notify applicants who have incomplete files, and give those students an opportunity to provide us with any missing items, before we evaluate their applications. Once again, if anything is missing, someone from our office will contact you. Be assured that we will not make a decision on your file until it is complete.

I got an email saying my application is incomplete, will this hurt my chances?

No. That is why we contact our incomplete applicants and provide them time to send in the necessary materials. Those applications will be reviewed in the same manner as all other applications.

I’d like to update my application. Will anything I send now be considered?

You may feel free to update your application any time by sending something through the mail or via fax, 410-516-6025. (Updates through email will not be processed.) Chances are unlikely though that updates will be processed in time to be considered by the Admissions Committee.

I was admitted Early Decision and sent in my enrollment form and deposit. When should I expect to receive more information?

Just be a bit more patient. At the end of the month you will receive your next mailing and it will include information about housing selection. Also keep an eye out for an email from us at the end of the month detailing the launch of a special Class of 2011 forum … stay tuned.


OK, I am off to go figure out what time (and day) it is … one of my clocks needs to be correct.

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7 thoughts on “What time is it?

  1. Good luck with the final round of decisions!
    Will transfer applications be evaluated the same way as freshman applications, in the sense that each applicant is first read by his/her regional counselor then by a randomly assigned second reader? Obviously, the criteria are slightly different for transfers, but I’m more interested in the actual evaluation process. Also, what weight is given to the essays and reasons for transfer? and the high school record for students applying for sophomore year entrance?
    Btw, Soze is looking very cute in that pic.

  2. Gian,
    Transfer applications are reviewed in a bit of a different way than freshman applicants but by a smaller admissions committee. The files are reviewed more than once but are not broken down by regional readers. The criteria is different, but just like with the freshman process it is a comprehensive and holistic review where everything matters, and no one factor holds a major priority over another. Weight is given to everything in the application. Do note that transfer reviews will not begin until the middle of April, with decisions released at the middle to end of May.


  4. haha… i remember how i was back in december… now u all will suffer like i did! hahhahahaha! (jk. just relax and when the time comes, it comes :)) good luck to u all! (i can’t wait to get more info about housing, ect.) soze is so cute!

  5. I pity and envy you guys. Those ‘waiting days’, though nerve racking as they were, were one of the most amazing days of my life…I loved the mystery and excitement. ENJOY these days and Best of Luck !!

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