A Post for the Admits – Congratulations!!!

(composed at 9:30pm, Wednesday, April 18)

Just three weeks ago (March 28 post) I was sitting on the floor in the living room of my apartment finishing a long day, typing up the last update to a full day of “live blogging,” and getting ready to watch LOST. I find myself 21 days later in that same position; finishing a long day, typing a blog entry, waiting for LOST. Though some things feel similar this evening, a lot has changed.

I am well-rested (FINALLY!). My long day was not at work but at the Department of Motor Vehicle (aaaahhhhh!). Baseball season has started and the Mets are looking real good (beating up big time on the Marlins as I type). My Islanders made it into the Playoffs (barely) and hopefully they can come back against Buffalo (fingers crossed). Hopkins Lacrosse is winning again. I am more eagerly anticipating watching LOST tonight because the last three episodes have been AMAZING! And oh yeah, my dreams are no longer haunted by the fear that I have tons and tons of applications to read and committee discussions to face.

Yes the times have changed, but the work is not done. Since the release of decisions the Hopkins community has rolled the red carpet out for two great Admitted Student Open Houses (one more left on the 24th!!!) and welcomed thousands of visitors to campus. We’ve maintained a great Admitted Student Web Site, launched four Hopkins Cribs videos, held three admitted student online chats, hosted two successful overnight programs, and organized a number of other admitted student celebrations. Despite the crazy weather, the last three weeks have been a whirlwind of activity full of on-campus conversations with admitted students and families, responding to tons of e-mails, monitoring the message boards, and attempting as best as possible to help the admits gather information to aid in their decision making. And clearly the answer is always to become a Blue Jay and a member of the Johns Hopkins Class of 2011 (wink, wink).

I have always enjoyed the month of April in Admissions — the events, the conversations, the counseling — all of it is so compelling and stimulating. To me though the most interesting part is that the tables have completely flipped. Between November thru March, the question is about FIT — the Admissions Committee mulling over thousands of applications and selecting those who we feel best FIT what we are searching for in shaping the incoming class. But now in April the question of FIT is being posed by the admitted students and we in Admissions have to sit back and wait until May 1st to see who will “accept” us.

As I compiled last year, this entry is dedicated to the 3,591 students offered a spot in the JHU Class of 2011. Each and every one of you should feel a great sense of accomplishment and honor. You should know that by offering you a spot in the Hopkins community we are saying loud and clear we think you FIT. We think you will make a difference at Johns Hopkins and that we can provide you with the challenge and excitement you are looking for. I know it has been said before but this past admissions cycle was the most competitive in Hopkins history and after all the hard work my colleagues and I feel we have admitted the strongest and most unique class ever.

One of the things I am always asked about are the Admissions statistics. I posted the ED stats a while back and now to appease I will post the overall stats. I am not sure why this is so pertinent after the decisions have been made, but you all clamor for the details and I abide. In addition to the stats, you should also check out the JHU Gazette article story that were published earlier this month.

  • Total Freshman Applications = 14,842 (a 7% increase over last year, a 30% increase in the past two years, and an over 50% increase since 2002).
  • Overall Admit Rate = 24% (down from 35% just two years ago)
  • Students not offered admission = 11,251 (up dramatically from 7,370 in 2005).
  • 189 International (non-US citizens) admitted – they make up 5.3% of the admits and come from 57 countries.
  • We have an admit from all 50 states, D.C., Guam, and Puerto Rico.
  • 31 Baltimore Scholars.
  • A record number of under-represented minority students = 325 self-identified as African-American, 302 Hispanic, and 21 Native American.
  • Top 5 States in Admits = NY, CA, MD, NJ, PA
  • 48% female / 52% male (10 years ago the split was 40% / 60%)
  • Some other points of note: 45 admits selected Classics as their first choice major; about 15% of our admits have participated in a CTY or Hopkins Summer program; 20 admits submitted the SAT subject exam in German as one of their 3 recommended SAT II Subject exams; 8% of the admits are first generation college students; 10 of our admits were fully home-schooled; and 0 of our admits have made it to the finals of American Idol.

One thing missing from this year’s stats breakdown are the academic profile numbers, by that I mean the average GPA, standardized test scores, etc. Why is that? Well, very simple — in my humble opinion, posting those numbers in no way will represent the strength of the class or paint an accurate picture of what makes our admits so unique. Despite the dramatic increase in applications over the last few years, and the significant drop in the admit rate, the average GPA or the mean SAT or the number of students in the top 5% of their class has not changed drastically. The reason for this is despite more competition we do not abandon our holistic, comprehensive approach to application review – we choose those who FIT.

With all that said, let me finish with a note to those admitted students who still have yet to make up there mind. May 1st is fast approaching and in these final few weeks you have to make the big decision of which school is the right one for you. I understand what a daunting task that can be, but I do encourage you to embrace this challenge. Try to enjoy this decision making process, and have confidence that your final decision will be the right one.

Since this is the Hopkins Insider blog I would be remiss if I did not do a bit of promoting. As you work your way to making that final decision, here are a number of ways you can still connect with the Hopkins community and see if we fit what you are looking for:

  • Our final Admitted Student Open House will be held next Tuesday, April 24. Visiting during an Open House is the best way to get the most comprehensive view of life at JHU. Plus, the weather looks like it will be great next Tuesday.
  • If you can’t make it on the 24th, we still offer weekday tours, information sessions and class visit options for admitted students. Just check out the special Admitted Student Web site for all the details.
  • This Sunday, April 22 the Hopkins Interactive students will hold the final Admitted Student Online Chat — log-on and connect with those who may be your future classmates.
  • And probably the best source of information for you all right now is the Johns Hopkins Forums. There are a ton of interesting discussion threads that have already begun, and if you still have questions post them there and watch as you get extensive feedback from current students.

Once again, congratulations. Best of luck and check back over the next couple of weeks for mode updates.

I leave you with some pictures of blog entries to stay tuned for — our Bluejay mascot Anne Jay Leena attended the first Open House and will report on all the happenings. And Open House employee Felina will have her own Guest Blog entry soon.


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  1. Tonight’s chat is labeled as for sophomores and juniors. Is this different from the one for admitted students, or can we pop in as well?

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