Our thoughts and prayers are with Virginia Tech

As I ended my last post, I extended my personal condolences to N513362047_51229_8578_2the  entire Virginia Tech community and shared some quick thoughts on this horrific tragedy. Followng the news these past two days has made me and many others overwhelmingly sorrowful. I decided to hold off on the post for admits until tomorrow (it will post in the morning) and rather share with you a message that was sent to the entire Johns Hopkins Community by President Brody.

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Like you, I am horrified at the violence today at one of our sister institutions, Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Our hearts are with the families of the victims, and with all the students, faculty and staff of the university. I am making available the services of Johns Hopkins to assist President Charles W. Steger should he so desire.

Our own university has suffered more than its share of tragedies in recent years. The members of our community affected by those tragedies remain constantly in our thoughts.

So we know from bitter experience that Virginia Tech will never be exactly the same after today. But we also know that members of the community there will draw great strength from each other. They will support each other and console one another. They will emerge from this tragedy scarred but strong. The resilience of great institutions lies in a shared mission, a shared history and tradition, and a shared sense of purpose. Virginia Tech has all this, and it has something even more important: great people.

I am mindful that there likely are many here at Johns Hopkins who have friends and relatives at Virginia Tech. Please, if you know these members of our community, offer your support. If you are one of them, please be open to that support. If you feel it would be at all helpful, seek out the resources available on your campus, whether it is a counseling service, peer counseling, chaplains, advisers, the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program or some other support mechanism.

We all will hold Virginia Tech and its people in our hearts.


Bill Brody