Schedule Change

Greetings faithful Insider blog readers,

After a lovely weekend I face a daunting series of activities. First on Sunday evening is the final Admitted Student Chat. Then on Monday I have a conference to attend – boring! Tuesday is the final Admitted Student Open House – woo hoo – and a celebration dinner with all the students who make up Hopkins Interactive. Wednesday and Thursday will be filled with office work and lots of emails to catch up with, and then Friday I depart for my spring travel. I had hoped to be productive over the weekend with my blogging, but the 80 degree weather distracted me. SORRY, after the month of horrible weather we have had to endure, I need to enjoy myself.

So I need to adjust the blogging schedule I laid out in my April 16 entry a bit:

  • The advice column for those admitted students still debating whether to attend Hopkins will post Monday (4/23) evening. (This is going to be a good one – stay tuned.)
  • The post for transfer applicants will be delayed until Wednesday (4/24).
  • The Class of 2011 (30 Things) will be pushed back a bit, so that I have time to make it perfect. Expect that entry for when I return from spring travel.
  • The help Admissions_Daniel thread (You all will love this one!!!) will post over the weekend (4/28 or 4/29).
  • And remember all next week I will be blogging from the road once again.

OK, chat time…


Thursday, April 26

Quick Update

Transfer students: I have not forgotten about you nor I have I forgotten about the post I have promised you all. I am awaiting some information from the Transfer team and once I get those details I will post your update. Thanks for your patience.

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  1. hey admissions daniel! im excited for the new blogs coming up… especially the 30 things for the class of 2011…. def enjoy the good weather now b/c I heard its suppose to rain this week :-(
    hope your “on the road” goes well!

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