Updates Galore (with pictures)

The month of June has arrived, the unofficial start of summer (supposedly Memorial Day weekend) has come and gone, and I have returned from my first of a number of post-Admissions cycle vacations. A lot has taken place over the last month, so I thought it would be best that my first blog entry on my return be an update entry. Yes, as the title states, here comes a galore of updates. But where to begin … hmmmmmmm …

Newsworthy: Johns Hopkins University Wins 2007 NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse Championship
It has been 10 days but as you can imagine we are all still celebrating. What a game – I hope many of you watched either live in Baltimore or on ESPN on P5310006 Memorial Day. Not only did Hopkins claim its 9th Lacrosse national championship (that’s a record) but we did it by defeating Duke by a one goal margin (12-11). The victory was reminiscent of our championship victory in 2005 over Duke by one goal, but something was different this year.

Maybe it was the fact that no one predicted Hopkins would win when the tournament began. We JHU fans knew we had a strong team with great senior leadership in goaltender in Jesse Schwartzman and attack Jake Byrne, some great new freshman additions in Michael Kimmel and Steven Boyle, and probably the best midfielders in the country in juniors Paul Rabil and Stephen Peyser. But this had been an up-and-down season. Thankfully as the tournament commenced the team began to gel and by the time the championship game came around Coach Dave Pietramala’s team was ready to win their second championship in three years. However, no one was talking about Hopkins.

The national story was Duke for reasons that I will not discuss here. Even while in the Bahamas on vacation I had to hear and read about Duke this and Duke that and how they were the “Cinderella team.” The news, sports news and mainstream media, were ignoring Hopkins — the most storied program in all of Lacrosse history — as well as ignoring Cornell — the only undefeated team in the country going into the Final Four — and also Delaware — which was making their first Final Four appearance and were the true Cinderellas of the weekend. For all that, the victory was much more satisfying than in 2005.

All in all, the Lacrosse championship is where it belongs in the city of Baltimore and on the Homewood campus. Great job Blue Jays!!! To read more about the victory check out this Baltimore Sun article, and also you can download desktop wallpapers of the championship here.

Update: Transfer Decisions
Just about a week ago the Admissions Office released all transfer decisions via email and postal mail. (I guess I timed the posting of my Transfer Blog entry perfectly.) The final decisions resulted in the transfer team offering admission to 62 of the 721 applicants, just over an 8% admit rate. My sincere congratulations goes out to those students offered admission, and we hope that as you go through the accepted student materials that many of you will choose to enroll at Hopkins. Don’t forget to use the Hopkins Interactive forums to ask questions of current students and also read through all the admitted student freshman questions from back in April. A special congratulations goes out to Tanya Lukasik (Tanya922) one of the most frequent commenters on this blog over the last year — great job Tanya!!!

Update: Wait List Decisions
As my previous wait list update (May 18) discussed, we completed a first round of wait list decisions in the middle of May. At that time we accepted 36 students off the wait list. Since then we have been waiting for responses from those students and as usual checking the enrollment numbers for the Fall. We are tasked with yielding a class of 1204 students starting in September — no more, no less. For that reason we need to be quite methodical about our decision making when it comes to wait list students. On our end it is being careful, on your end it seems as we are just wasting time and “stringing you along.”

The expectation is that in the next few days we will select a few more students to be admitted off the wait list. When I write “a few” you all should read that as 10 or less. As well, I wrote the word “expectation” because nothing is currently set in stone. The Admissions team will continue these discussions over the next couple of days, so things may change. All you can do right now is continue to be patient. Please do not call or email us with questions about the wait list, questions about your individual position on the wait list, or anything else regarding the wait list. You will not get any additional information than what I just wrote above — you need to allow us to complete our analysis and work.

Besides the question of whether or not to admit a few more students now, we will also be discussing whether we will be offering some students a place on our extended summer wait list. What is this summer wait list you ask? It is something we have used in the past. The Admissions committee selects a small group of currently wait listed students (~100) and offer them a place on the extended summer wait list. Those students are notified that we have met our enrollment targets but in the rare event that space becomes available later in the summer they will be considered for one of those spots. The chances for admission are slim and only will occur in the rare case that more spaces become available. Please note that the Admissions committee selects the students to be offered a spot of the summer wait list, it is not something a wait listed student may request.

Finally, a quick note about notifications: If we choose to admit any more students off the wait list now we will contact those students directly by phone or email. Notifications about the summer wait list, if we choose to have one, will be sent through the postal mail and probably through email as well. Once those decisions have been made and completed, we then will send letters through the postal mail to the remainder of the students who remained on the wait list letting them know that enrollment targets have been met and we are releasing them.

To all of you wait list students, I personally extend my appreciation for your patience. If it doesn’t work out for JHU, I wish you all the best of luck at the institution you will attend this fall. Every year these decisions are quite difficult to make, and I hope you understand how much we agonize over these decisions. Having personally been wait listed from one of my top choice schools, I can relate. But I also assure you that after your first week in college you will forget all about wait lists.

Newsworthy: Mason Hall Nears Completion
A few times over the last year I have mentioned that this fall the Admissions P5310003 Office will have a new home. We are all pretty excited about this new locale which will be part of the new Decker Quad, and the excitement for us increases each day now as the project nears its end. First the underground garage and new computational sciences buildings were constructed and nearly completed this past fall, P5310001 winter, and through the early spring. Next the building frame for Mason Hall has been completed and the brick facade has come into focus. Then the windows were added. Now the grass was laid out for the Quad, and the sprinkler system was tested. As well, they P5310005have laid the bricks for the Quad, planted a few trees, and are working on the new entrance to the campus. Check out the pictures to see the progress, and as the summer nears an end I will let you know more about the new home of Admissions. (And oh yeah, I get my own office — woo hoo!)

Update: Class of 2011
Check back Monday, June 18 for my farewell post and I will return to the special Facebook group soon.

Final Note:
I hope you all found these updates and newsworthy items helpful. Starting next week I will be updating the blog more frequently (probably once a week), and have some interesting thoughts and ideas to share. Like what a season finale for LOST!!! And oh yeah, some college search counseling too. So stay tuned…

And as a final farewell, I thought you would all enjoy some pictures from my vacation to Paradise. It was amazing.


3 thoughts on “Updates Galore (with pictures)

  1. Hey Admissions_Daniel,
    I have a couple of questions:
    1. Were any transfer applicants accepted into BME this year?
    2. Can I contact you with a personal admissions question? I have a unique situation that I need some help with. If not, can you refer me to someone who can help?

  2. Synapse_man:
    1. No. The BME program is filled currently so no transfer students were offered admission into that major.
    2. If you are a transfer student, the best person for you to contact with questions is the Transfer Admissions Coordinator, John Birney, at john.birney@jhu.edu.

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