Micro-Blogging on ED Notification Day (2007)

It has been tradition over the last few years that on the momentous decision notification days for Early Decision and Regular Decision that the Hopkins Insider features a daily log of the process. After reading JHU_Laura’s most recent blog entry, I thought I would also attempt to experiment with “micro-blogging” throughout the day. I sort-of attempted this last year on ED Notification day, however I compiled a summary report and then technical difficulties led to the blog being posted late. My attempts worked better for RD notification day, thankfully. So check back frequently today, and I hope you enjoy the tales of Admissions Daniel on Early Decision Notification day for the JHU Class of 2012 …


December 14, 2007

5:45am – Beep, Beep, Beep, BEEP, BEEP … The alarm clock blares. I’ve got time for one Snooze.

5:55am – Beep, Beep … O.K. one more Snooze.

5:57am – Lick, Lick, Lick … stop Soze, I’m tired. Alright, I’m up. Time to walk the dog. Where’s that leash?

6:01am – Wow, the dreary weather this week in Baltimore continues. The fog is really thick, there is a slick coat of freezing rain on everything, and it is a mix of bitter cold and humid at the same time. Is that possible? Wow, shorts and slippers for the morning walk was not a good idea. Thankfully, Soze does his business quick. (Oddly last year there was a thick fog for ED notification day too.)

6:07am – The tradition continues. For the last four years on the first day of ED reading I stop shaving and grow a beard. And then on notification day the beard comes off. I start again once I commence reading RD applications and shave again on RD notification day. I know it is a bit strange, but you have to keep with traditions, like professional sports players wearing the same socks. The shaving of the beard is actually a lot of fun … and when I am done my cheeks feel like a baby’s bottom.

6:13am – Shaving complete. Time for the breakfast of champions (Cheerios – yeah!) and some early morning reading (the George Mitchell report on Steroids in Baseball – boo!). As well, in the background on all three TVs in my house each morning is the Mike and Mike in the Morning radio show on ESPN2. My day can not start with out the opinions of the best sports radio hosts in the country.

6:35am – Shower, get dressed and the rest of the morning routine.

6:50am – One last walk for Soze and time to head into the office.

Be Back Later!


Picture Guide: (1) The eerie morning … looks like something out of Poltergeist. (2) The beard is gone. (3) Yes I did clean my sink afterward. (4) My morning set-up … Cheerios, the Mitchell Report, and Mike&Mike.


7:15am – Arrive at the office, traffic was a bit rough because of black ice and the fog. I have to say I love the campus in early morning, especially with the mysteriousness (is that a word?) of the fog.

7:20amJust got back from the third floor where I was filling my jug of water for the day. There was a nice calm to the new file room. It was clean and well organized. Much different than the cramped spaces we used to work in. I love Mason Hall!!!

7:25am – The daily “CORRESPONDENCE” routine begins for me. Every morning I spent the first hour answering questions. First, it is the main gotojhu@jhu.edu email account. 37 messages this morning. Then it is the Hopkins Forums. Nothing new. Then the various Facebook groups. The JHU prospective Facebook group has a countdown to 6:00pm. College Confidential. More countdowns, and a lot of stress. My own email account .. which surprisingly is pretty empty.

8:01am – I head upstairs to help Susan, the Queen of our decision mailing process, with stuffing financial aid packets.

I’ll be back soon …


Picture Guide: (1) See what I mean about how cool the campus looks with fog. (2) Mason Hall especially. (3) The file room ready for the arrival of the staff. (4) All the ED files lined-up. (5) Admit packets waiting to be stuffed and sealed.


8:20am – Done stuffing the financial aid packets, and now we are just waiting for the O.K. from Director of Admissions, Dr. John Latting. John likes to do one last check of our applicant database to make sure everything is set.

8:25am – I mention to Susan and others in the file room, how smooth everything has gone for this year’s ED process. I hope this stress-free system continues for RD … but in all honesty there is no chance. Mayhem always ensues with the RD process because of the sheer volume of everything. But we are all so used to it that there is a true method to our madness.

8:45am – The stuffing, sealing, and stamping commences. Everyone takes a bin and gets to work. Some hooting and hollering. We also tease Mark because he literally knows all of his NJ applicants and cheers for each one. I personally don’t like the stuffing part because the folders are hard to get in to the priority envelopes. I like affixing the stamps … I always liked playing with stickers.

9:30am – John has given the O.K. so we can mail.

9:41am – One last roster of admits, defers, and denies is run. The staff splits into groups and confirms the right decision letters are going to the right people.

10:32am – Mail bins are here. Time to move everything from our blue and black crates into the mail bins. All decisions have been confirmed.

10:40am – The bins are stacked onto the hand carts, pushed to the elevator, and travel down to the parking garage where they will be loaded into a car and driven to the main Johns Hopkins mail center in Mount Washington.

I have a 10:30am meeting so I was not there to photograph and document this last stage of the process, but I have heard it on good authority that all went perfectly.

More to follow …



Picture Guide: (1) The staff commences the stuff, seal, stamp process. (2) Susan (center), Ted, and Celeste in control of their bins. (3) Nicole, one of our student workers, uses the floor as her workspace. (4) The confirming of admits by John and Ann. (5) The confirming of other decisions by Mark and Chloe. (6) Stacking of the bins. (7) Two hand-trucks for 1055 decisions.


10:30amThe decisions are leaving the building yet I am in my office as I have a meeting with JHU_Jessica and JHU_Lauren. This is an important meeting as we are putting the finishing touches on two Hopkins Interactive related initiatives that directly relates to the release of ED notifications.

The first initiative which Lauren is overseeing is the opening of a new discussion thread on the Hopkins Forums. This “Congratulations JHU Class of 2012″ thread is a place for the newly admitted Early Decision students to ask questions and converse with current students. Starting after 6pm today, this forum will exist through late August of 2008, assisting the new members of the Class of 2012 in getting ready for their arrival and commencement as actual Hopkins students. The students and I will answer questions about housing, dining, what to bring, classes, and so much more.

Our other initiative is also a forum, but a much more social one. That is why we will be using Facebook. This is the brain-child of Jessica who last year was admitted Early Decision and decided to create a Facebook group for her future classmates. Since she was a great administrator for the Class of 2011, we thought who better to run this year’s group. The Johns Hopkins University – Class of 2012 Facebook group is a closed group only for enrolling students, but will act as a great way for our future freshmen to interact and get to know one another.

11:30am – Jessica, Lauren, and I have been working but also sharing stories. Things are so different nowadays for college applicants. Emailed decisions, blogs, message boards, cool admit packets, social networking groups, immediate responses … much different then back in my day when I had to become friends with the mailman.

12:05pmLunch time … SUBWAY!!! Thanks Jameel.

12:15pm – I got confirmation that the mail has been delivered to the post office.

12:22pm – I spun around in my chair and just noticed that the fog has lifted and it is turning out to be a beautiful and sunny day. If I was more of an eloquent writer, I must make a parallel to the release of decision notifications to the fog and then sunlight … but yeah I’d rather write about shaving my beard, walking my dog, and baseball reports.

12:57pm – Paul, the Mason Hall building manager, just interrupted me and said I need to post that in the blog. So I did.

The day continues …


Picture Guide: (1) Loading the car … ok, I cheated this picture is from RD last year. (2) Lauren (on the left) and Jessica … so happy I took a picture of them. (3) Blue sky over Homewood. (4) Lunch!!!


1:15pm – I’ve been procrastinating a bit … I just needed a break. What do I do when I procrastinate? Well I posted a whole long list on our message boards a while back if you are curious. Today, my form of wasting time was checking out movie trailers online. I am so looking forward to 01.18.08 — Cloverfield!!!. Also, looking forward to I Am Legend this weekend and Sweeney Todd later this month.

1:25pm JHU_Michelle is in the office now and I have her helping out with some video documenting and editing. We will be launching our Video Blog very soon and I’ve got a bit more work to do for our first official videos.

1:27pm – Back to work for me. Not much to do … I am putting some finishing touches on the Facebook group. And yes, I am checking out all the countdowns until 6:00pm. 4 hours and 33 minutes!!!

2:26pm – Just finished looking over the special Admitted Student Web site. Everything looks great. This is the first time we have the special site ready for Early Decision.

A few more updates to come…

Pc140001Pc1400057Pc140003Quaqmire2Photo Guide: (1) The file room is clean and empty. (2) Movie trailers are fun … Cloverfield! (3) Michelle hard at work. (4) GiGGiDi GiGGiDi GiGGiDi!


2:45pm – I was just thinking how fast today has been going … and then I realized that just thinking that is cruel. I completely respect and understand how slow today must be feeling for many of you.

2:48pm – Wow, my desk is so full of dust. Time to clean a bit. I love disinfectant wipes.

2:49pm – So I am cleaning my desk and complaining about the dust. Michelle, who is updating the Admissions Advisory Board just outside my door yells to me that dust is mostly dead human skin. EWWWWWW! I truly enjoy Michelle’s company and she is a great student worker, but when she shares biological stuff like that with me I just get skeezed out. She should just keep those remarks for her Neuroscience friends.

3:01pm – Cleaning done. Went to take some more pictures and realized my camera battery is done. (Great planning Daniel!) So no more pictures until maybe tonight when I can re-charge the battery at home.

3:10pm – Posted a message for ED Defers on the Message Boards. I hope this information will be helpful, and that the discussion thread that was started will act as a helpful forum. Such decisions are never easy, but the most important thing to remember is deferred applicants have a second chance. The road does not end here and you shouldn’t lose all hope. Read through my thoughts and suggestions, and post questions.

3:15pm – The ED stats sheet was just handed to me. Let me look it over and I will post the details soon.

Well this is a long entry … and will only get longer …


3:20pm – Decided to go outside for a fresh breathe of air and to take a look at the ED stats. From the fog in the morning it actually has turned out to be a beautiful day. No more sweater needed. I also got to see people walking around on the Decker Quad and I didn’t get angry. (See my Pet Peeves post to understand.) The two students were actually playing with a remote-controlled airplane. Though it crashed a lot, it was just fun to watch people actually using the Quad for a true purpose, not as a short-cut.

4:00pm – OK, drum roll … here is what many of you have been waiting for:

  • Largest Early Decision applicant pool ever = 1,055. Up 6% from last year.
  • The 1,055 applicants is a 72% increase from 5 years ago and a 128% increase from 1998. WOW!
  • The acceptance rate dropped again, the fifth straight year. It stands at the lowest level in the past ten years = 43%.
  • 439 applicants will be receiving the good news that they are the first members of the Johns Hopkins Class of 2012. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • Of the admits, 45% are female, 40 are underrepresented minority students — both great totals.
  • Also, as far as academic interest, 32% have stated a major in Engineering, 12% Humanities, 32% Natural Science, 19% Social and Behavioral Studies, and 4% Undecided.
  • Almost all the academic markers are at all-time highs as well. The Mean SAT I (Critical Reasoning + Math) = 1373. That is 11 points higher than last year and 21 points higher than 2006.
  • New Jersey is not the top state for ED admits like the last two years. MARYLAND has actually taken the top spot with 69 students. New Jersey is second with 57, New York third with 54, Pennsylvania fourth with 40, and California in fifth with 34.
  • Finally, geographic diversity is way up. Last year the ED admit pool came from 28 states … this year 38 states are represented. Plus, 21 admits are international students from 9 different countries.

OK, I am packing up and heading home. Less than 2 hours left until the emails are sent.

I’ll be back …


5:10pm – Just arrived home. More traffic. Baltimore really should do a study on time between red lights at major intersections during rush hour. I bet a Civil Engineer at Hopkins could help. Going to walk Soze.

5:21pm – Paying bills while my steak cooks in my Rotisserie. Yes it is a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie. Just set-it and forget it. If you watch late night infomercials you know what I am talking about.

5:30pm – Thirty minutes left. The College Confidential servers keep going down. Oh no!!! Have to go put the finishing touches on a few things. But I do want to say one thing …

Advice: I wish you all the best as you receive your email decisions. My suggestion is that you read your decision and then go spend some time with your family. This is a major moment in your young life, and family is who you should share your initial thoughts with. Your family has been there since the first moment of life, and they will be there FOREVER. Afterward you can log-on and share with others. Let everything sink in first. React in the real world before entering the cyber world. OK, I am stepping off my soap box.

Two more updates left …


6:37pm – All the emails are out. For those of you who have not gotten email, I can let you know that I am monitoring our main email account and at this time we only have 15 messages that have “bounced-back” as undeliverable. So here are my suggestions:

(1) Check your SPAM folders.

(2) Check ANY email account you have ever used. We send to the email account you listed on your application, but it never hurts to check other accounts if you have multiple ones.

(3) Have your parents check their email accounts. Not sure how that happens, but it has happened in the past.

(4) If none of those methods work, you may send an email to gotojhu@jhu.edu stating that you have not received your decision email. You need to include your full official name (the one you used on your application), your social security # if applicable, your birth date, your full address, and your high school. Also include the email address you listed on your application. We will check to see if there was an error with the email that was sent, and if so we can re-send your decision.

(5) Please know that every year a few students do not receive email notifications. Unfortunately you will need to have patience for your decision to arrive in the mail. You may call on Tuesday, December 18 – 410-516-8171 to receive your decision over the phone.

Hope that helps.

One last update coming before I head to bed …


~10:00pm – So I have spent the last four hours attempting to take care of a handful of problems with the email notifications. It seems that yahoo.com email addresses took a lot longer to send then most other email domains. Who knows. In the end though, I keep my fingers crossed that all went well.

It is now time for my long day to come to an end. I’ll be around over the weekend commenting on the JHU Forums and Facebook groups. However, now that the Early Decision process is complete, I need to start some Christmas shopping and write my Dear Santa list. One of the worst parts of being a college admissions professional is that you are so busy with the ED process that you lose a lot of the quality Christmas preparation time.

As I sign off, I first hope you all found the micro-blogging today helpful and somewhat enjoyable. I am all about transparency in the college admissions process, and I suspect that you all enjoy my honesty, frankness, and my humour. (OK, maybe I am stretching it a bit on that last one.)

Second, since you all love stats, here are some more:

  • 25 pictures in one blog (that’s an Insider record).
  • 80 comments by 10pm (I think that’s a record too). I love comments!
  • 3,236 words make up this entry. Wow, I like to write.
  • 16,301 characters without spaces make up this entry. Cool.
  • 10 different updates. Woo hoo, I accomplished my goal.
  • 16 hours and 15 minutes of blogging time. Snore….zzzzzz.

Plus, based on my stat-counter:

  • 1702 unique visitors to the blog between midnight and 10pm today.
  • 5845 page loads in the same time frame (you all like to refresh).
  • Both stats are records. For comparison, last week the blog had 384 visitors and 859 page loads. One month ago, 79 visitors and 219 page loads.

And finally, one last picture … yes, Regular Decision files are ready to be distributed next week. NO REST FOR THE WEARY!!!



98 thoughts on “Micro-Blogging on ED Notification Day (2007)

  1. wow this is scary, i have no idea what’s happening…i wonder if everyone else has gotten an email? i don’t know.

  2. i just got the acceptance email. it was sent to my mom’s email address. recheck ur parents emails. good luck.

  3. If you have sent a message to gotojhu@jhu.edu regarding not receiving your email notification, please be patient we are working on it.
    If you receive your notification but already sent a message to gotojhu@jhu.edu, please send a second email so we are aware that your notification has arrived.
    It seems some email accounts like Yahoo are delaying the delivery of some messages.

  4. Thanks so much for keeping us informed throughout the process. While at times it can make it a tad bit more nerve-racking, it has generally made me (and I assume all of your readers) feel like we have a looking glass into what’s happening.
    I’m so excited to have been admitted, and I can’t wait to see you and everyone else on campus in the fall.
    Your blogging today was exciting and a great opportunity for us to have an up to the minute status of what was going on.
    Do you happen to know how many kids from Arizona (or specifically Tucson, I don’t know if that is fair to ask) were admitted?

  5. WOW, I’m so excited! Class of 2012 for the win. XD Anyone else from Hawaii? Little island of Oahu? See you all in September!

  6. Daniel Creasy, I was wondering…
    What are the chances of someone who got deferred getting accepted during regular decision? Are the chances slimmer?

  7. Haha, that picture of us is too good. We look like we’ve definitely been through four finals .. and, because my jeans don’t look blue, it seems like I’m wearing a Hopkins jumpsuit. Which, actually, would be amazing.
    And I totally agree with you Jessica {using the limited math skills I possess} — Jersey > all. It’s just a fact! ;)
    Congratulations to all of you ED admits! :) I’m glad the waiting is finally over for you guys!

  8. I got in!
    Congratulations class of 2012!!
    Mr. Creasy, how can I create a Hopkins email account? Sorry for the irrelevant question!

  9. didn’t get anything yet! wut is happening? This is S. Korea over here. Anyone help me out! I’m dying here!

  10. Hey all … what a great number of comments! I see that some of you have been asking questions. Well, I have started a couple of message board threads to field questions:
    Admitted students asking about stats:
    Deferred applicants, any questions:
    And remember, you can always email gotojhu@jhu.edu or post your own questions to the Hopkins Forums.

  11. I didn’t get the email too ! i am really dying to know the result but hopkins admission officers apparently seem to not work in saturday and sunday. i am from South Korea like Catherine Kim. does a particular region matter in admission process like korea ?

  12. I’m an RD student, but I wanted to say,it’s great that JHU is so student-friendly! the blog and the pics and all the available places to contact an actual admin officer (like on collegeonfidential) are much appreciated.
    thanks! (and hope I have luck in the Regular process)

  13. Daniel:
    I’m loving this admitted students site! It’s a bit overwhelming right away, but exciting nonetheless. Excellent!
    But, just so you know, the word “Academics” is misspelled on the left hand side.
    Thanks for everything you do for us! I’ll be thanking you in person in no time.

  14. Just a reminder:
    I am not going to be answering questions on the blog comments section. I have set up a couple of message board threads to field questions:
    Admitted students asking about stats:
    Deferred applicants, any questions:
    Also, for those who have not received an email, we have attempted to correct all errors. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for the mail to arrive or call the Admissions Office on Tuesday (410-516-8171) to have your decision released over the phone.

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