Breaking News: Decisions to Be Released March 28

As promised here is the most up-to-date news regarding the release of Regular Decision notifications …

Johns Hopkins University will release regular decision notifications
on Friday, March 28.

Please check back later tonight for full details on the process of releasing decisions. I need to go assist with the confirming of decisions and the stuffing and sealing process. But I will return with a list of FAQs and answers, plus some pictures.

Posted at 6:08pm, Thursday, March 27


Our hard work these last couple of weeks and especially these past 24 hours has paid off, and as the introduction to this blog states, we will be releasing regular decision notifications tomorrow. There is still a lot to be done tonight (LATE tonight) and throughout tomorrow, but the class is set,P3270010 decisions are sealed, and the end process has begun in earnest. As has become tradition, the majority of the Admissions staff is staying late and we have recruited a cadre of amazing students to help with all the final steps before the packets and decision letters are ready to be dropped off at the post office. I am taking a break from the mayhem, since I know so many of you have been refreshing the Hopkins Insider blog for the most up-to-date information.

This process typically leads to a ton of questions, so I have compiled the following Frequently Asked Questions (with answers obviously) to cut down on any confusion. PLEASE READ THIS BLOG CAREFULLY.

Decisions are complete, so can I call now and get my decision?
NO!!! Please do not call us tomorrow (Friday) regarding your decision or anything related to the release of decision notifications. The entire Admissions staff will be extremely busy preparing the mailing, that we will not be able to field any questions regarding the release of decisions, and we will absolutely not release any decisions over the phone tomorrow.

How will decisions be released?
By mail:
We will release decisions the same way we have done for the past three years. First thing tomorrow morning the staff will finish stuffing packets, sealing the last decision letters, and then stuff everything in mail bins. All decision letters (admits, wait lists, and denies) will be taken to the main Baltimore postal center. All decisions will enter the postal system by the close of business on Friday.

P3270016By email: As we have done in the past, in the evening we will also be releasing decision notifications via email. NO OFFICIAL TIME HAS BEEN SET YET. In the past we have sent decisions at 6:00 p.m. EDT and we hope to be able to do the same this Friday. The emails are released later in the day because we feel that receiving your college admissions decision should be a personal experience that you share with yourself and your family. We prefer students not receive decisions during the middle of the school day, so we wait until the majority of our applicants are out of school.

Can I check my decision online?
Johns Hopkins University does not have an online system for the release of admissions decisions.P3270013

Can I call the Admissions Office to receive my decision over the phone?
Decisions will not be released over the phone until Tuesday, April 1st. At that time, if you have not received your admissions notification you can call the Admissions Office. Please be aware, when we do begin to release decisions over the phone, we will only release the decision to the applicant, a parent or guardian of the applicant, or the applicant’s high school guidance counselor. Decisions will be released only if the identify of the caller can be reasonably assured.

Regarding the emailed decisions, what will be the subject line?
We do not release the “subject lines” of our email decisions in advance. The content of these emails will change year-to-year.

What happens if I do not receive an email decision on Friday?
If an applicant does not receive an email there a couple of things he or she can do:

1. Check your SPAM folders.
2. Check ANY and all email accounts you have ever used during the college search process. We send the email to the account you listed on your application. However, our database system does track all email accounts that have ever been matched to your record, so on occasion the notification email may be sent to old email address. (So check emails that you may have used when registering for the SAT/ACT for example.)
3. Have your parents check their email accounts too. Not sure how that happens, but it has happened in the past.

If none of those methods work, then unfortunately the student will need to wait to receive the decision in the mail, or can call after April 1st. Every year some email notifications just don’t work. The reasons for an applicant not receiving an email notification include that there was no email provided on the student’s application, the email provided on the application is no longer active, there was a SPAM filter blocking the message, or some error occurred that caused a bounce-back. WE ARE UNABLE TO RE-SEND EMAILS. Once again, in such situations the applicant must wait and we do appreciate your patience.

P3270020I applied to the biomedical engineering program, will I receive that decision via email as well?
Decisions about acceptance into the biomedical engineering (BME) major are departmental decisions and therefore we do not release such information through email or over the phone. All applicants who applied to the BME program will learn of their decision when they receive their acceptance packages.

I applied Early Decision, was admitted, but my decision about the biomedical engineering program was deferred. How will I receive my final BME decision?
Those decision letters will be mailed tomorrow. We can not release those decisions through email or over the phone.

How do I learn about my financial aid package?
Financial aid awards for those who completed their financial aid application will be included in the acceptance packet. You will also be able to check your award by logging into your ISIS account. If you have any questions or need access to ISIS, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

What about scholarship notifications and notifications about the P3270024_2 Woodrow Wilson research fellowship?
These decisions are included in acceptance packets only. We do not release that information through email or over the phone.

I hope this update and FAQ list helps clear up any confusion. I will upload pictures later this evening when I have a chance to locate my camera cord. While you wait for tomorrow, if you want to procrastinate a bit more read the past decision release blog entries:

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Live blogging tomorrownow I am off to finish helping my colleagues, head home, prepare the shaving kit, and get a good night sleep.

P3270028_4 Photo Captions (top –> down):

1. The Start of the day: the bins wait all the stuffing to come.
2. Middle of the day: lots of hands doing lots of work. The process of dropping the correct letters and financial aid packages.
3. Another Stage of Confirming: this is the third and final check that the right letters will go to the right people.
4. Late in the Evening: everyone is still going strong.
5. Students are Amazing: With out the help of our great students we probably wouldn’t mail until the middle of April.
6. Done for the Night: the bins are stuffed and now wait for the morning to be stuffed and sealed.

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  1. Phew – Thank you so much for the update.
    Just a few more hours till the crescendo of our appplication process approaches.

  2. Wow, thank you so much admissions Daniel. I’m sure the committee worked really hard to release the decisions before the end of this week. Hopefully all of you will get much needed rest this upcoming weekend.

  3. AHHH! Is it really here? Is the culmination of these years of preparation for the movement towards the pinnacle of my life about to unfold? Indeed it is…indeed it is. Good luck to everyone! JHU Admissions Team: Thank you for everything!

  4. Fortunately, you won’t be missing an episode of LOST tonight because of everything there is to do……it’s a rerun.
    I almost died.

  5. I can’t wait to find out if I got accepted. I am sure you are all working hard to get all decisions out on time.

  6. Decisions at last. The last few hours seem like the longest. Thank you admission team for everything. Thanks for the blog too. I have really enjoyed reading it.

  7. I was wondering when the results would come out! Good luck, everyone, and congratulations in advance to those who get in!

  8. It’s 6:00, do you know where your decision letter is? I don’t! Does anyone know what time it’s going to be sent?

  9. The decision should be sent out about this time. But give them some time. You have to remember that they are trying to send out 16001 emails. Just hope that I am not the 16001th email recipient.

  10. When someone gets the email, post a comment; because i sorta doubt they have my email– just want to know whether i’m wasting my time by looking for it.

  11. For a split-second I wondered if ANYONE had heard yet, but I guess this isn’t really the first place I’m gonna head to when I find out…so..

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