Update: Where We At?

N.B. Just to let you all know I posted a blog entry over the weekend, but due to a dumb mistake on my part it never posted (I “saved as draft” instead of “posted”). That is fixed right now, and I encourage you all to scroll down to read the March 22 entry, or just click here: REBOOT: H.I. Version 3.0 Arrives.

O.K., let’s get this out of the way right away … many (yes, many many many) of you are asking in every forum available when will regular decision notifications be mailed??? Here is the up-to-the-minute update … WHEN WE ARE DONE.

As of the early morning of Tuesday, March 25th we are still thoroughly working. Therefore our answer to the above question is that the release of decisions will occur prior to April 1st. We have been working endless hours these past few weeks to finish the class. Some of you have insinuated that we are dragging our feet … in no way is that true. This process needs to be PERFECT, and the finishing touches to the class are always thought over and discussed in the most meticulous fashion.

I miss my bed … Soze is on vacation with my family right now so the ASPCA does not come and take him away from me for neglect … I celebrated my birthday this past weekend for a grand total of 4 hours … I haven’t watched a new movie in three weeks (Ahhh!) … My eyes hurt … My brain hurts … I am close to running on empty, just as all my colleagues are. But it is all worth it. This year is a record year for us and one of the most impressive applicant pools any of us have ever seen. Just another reason for us to be as deliberate as we are being right now.

As soon as I have an update on the release of RD notifications I will update this blog, so check back over the next few days. If you are interested, check the blog entries from this time last year for a pseudo-preview of what is to come: March 2007 Hopkins Insider Blog entries. (For a more recent decision release entry, check out the entry from December 14, 2007 regarding ED Notification Day.)

Below I have added some pictures of the state of affairs in Mason Hall as of Tuesday morning, but before checking them out please read this caveat … DECISIONS ARE NOT DONE YET!!! Yes, we are generating letters galore as you can see, but that does not mean the class is sealed and all decisions are finalized. Due to the volume of letters we need to mail on decision release day, our Operations team must begin the process as early as possible. So these pictures are of our staging areas. Not sure I can say this any clearer … do not read anything in to these pictures. We are not mailing today … we are not mailing tomorrow … etc. etc. etc.






PICTURE CAPTIONS (from left to right, top row to bottom row):

(1) The main file room has become a massive staging area for our admit packets. (2) Another angle of the massive collection of collapsible bins with application packets ready to get stuffed. (3) Letters galore. (4) More letters. (5) Even more letters and mail bins. (6) Yes, there is a lot of paper involved in this process. (7) The state of my desk … a slight improvement from last week, but still a mess. (8) A box of discarded rosters … a lot of work took place to get that box filled. (9) My dream button … I wish I could just push it and we’d be done … but there are no easy roads.

This entry is the best update I can provide at this time. So please just be patient, and stop asking when decisions will be released. We will let you know, as soon as we set the date. Thank you for your patience.

12 thoughts on “Update: Where We At?

  1. Happy (belated) birthday! I suppose you can count catching up on rest and movies next week as a belated birthday present.
    Thanks for all of your (and the entire Admissions Staff’s) hard work over these past few weeks! Only one more week–just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…er…filing, deciding, mailing. :-)

  2. It is amazing and very grateful to get a glimpse of the decision making process! I can feel how much hard work is put into it just by looking at the pictures. Thank you always for your hard work!!

  3. Thank you for everything that you’re doing! Sounds like a hectic time for everyone. Happy Birthday!

  4. Wow, thank you for your constant updates! I am pretty anxious for this, but I understand that it is also draining for you, too.
    Thank you, again, for all the hard work you all put in in order to make this process as just as possible. Trust me, it is appreciated. :)

  5. Things seem pretty hectic right now but luckily there is just one week left. Hopefully you get to celebrate your birthday approprately within the next week. I’m thinking a Johan Santana no hitter on opening day would be a great late birthday present.

  6. A simple Google search could probably tell me this, but what team does Santana play for now? Did he used to play for the Boston Red Sox or am I just making that up?
    Again, I am excited (and anxious!) for my admissions decision, but I am so appreciative of your hard work and don’t want to rush anything more than you already are.

  7. THANKS to the entire admissions committee for goin through all this hectic job only for us!!
    you r definitely doing a great job but I only fervently hope the applicants have been able to do the same…..with every counting moment I seem to think I could have added so many things more to enhance my app..Sighs!
    lets hope for the best!!GOOD LUCK to everyone!

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